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(click on the topics to go the articles) 1. Periodontal News/Discussions 1 2. Delayed eruption of teeth 3. Restoring receded Gums 4. Snoring * Dental Technique can silence snorers * When the snoring has to stop.... 5. Children under 5 and perio prevention 6. Galvanic reaction 7. Estrogen Not a Factor in Jaw Disorders 8. Bridge cement question 9. Latex Allergy * 10 myths about latex allergy * Powdered latex gloves risky.. * More about latex allergy * Gloves and latex allergy 10. 32 Endangered Species Living In the Mouth 11. The New Dental Lasers, Can They Cut It in the Field of Dentistry? 12. Crowns * Gold Crowns * My oldest Crown is 20 years old.. 13. Tooth and hearing 14. Pregnancy and gingivitis 15. Class III - Skeletal change after treatment - questions...and more articles 16. Abstracts, Case Studies and Web discussions (25) 17 Novel Method Found to Kill Strep Throat Bacteria (03/20/2001, Reuters)... 18 Criteria for Success for Dental Implants 19 Special Sales - Dental Videos - Limited offer 20 Unmasking HIV's Master Manipulator - News Report 21 Current Concepts in Amalgam - a study 22 Straight teeth, no braces! - New Technology! 23 to advance emerging dental caries diagnostic and management strategies - Studies needed to advance dental caries diagnostic and management strategies. The development of new diagnostic techniques to detect early stages of dental caries may give dentists more options than ever before to stop or reverse decay using noninvasive techniques. 24 WHITE HEAT: Bleaching fuels boom and controversy - Teeth whitening is a $600 million industry that is growing 15 to 20 percent a year. Many dentists are alarmed by the proliferation of unsupervised bleaching options that may be dangerous to consumers. 25 Mouthguards are a safety device for everyday life - Many parents know that protective gear such as helmets, shin, and wrist pads help protect their children from injuries, but some may not be aware of another important safety device -- mouthguards. 26 Obturation Material