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vrf or huge lateral canal
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From: Sergiu Nicola
Sent: Apr 17, 2008
Subject: [roots] vrf or huge lateral canal

Hi everybody.  A friend of mine, a gp, calls me at my office ,
last friday asking me if i can make an emergency pulpectomy
for him , becouse he is in deep pain.

and he came.....i saw the x-ray , and the initial diagnostic just
ran from my mouth: well my friend , i think we have a VRF here...
type radiolucency, i bet there is a localised perio pocket,
(and it was, 5 mm right where the xray "told" us)

so , we went for coronal acces, to see if there is any sign of
fracture or something.

root canals were allready necrotic, i saw nothing special,
and today , (all symptoms disapeared) i obturated it.

vrf or lateral canal

vrf or lateral canal Time will tell. I wouldn't be in any big hurry to condemn this tooth. Keep him on recall. I think there's a good chance this will heal and do fine. - Mark Thank you Mark, i thought that so. i can hardly wait 1 year recall. I advised him to make a crown 'though - Sergiu Nicola

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