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 Very poor long term restorative prognosis
The opinions within this web page are not ours.Authors have been credited for the individual posts where they are. - www.rxroots.com photographs courtesy: Mark Dreyer
From: Mark Dreyer
Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2005 5:03 AM
Subject: [roots] consult

This patient was sent for endo.  I told her to have it extracted and get an implant.  In my opinion the molar
is either non-restorable, or at best has a very poor long term restorative prognosis.  The referring dentist
is only a few years out of school and is a very nice guy and quite receptive to differences of opinion - Mark

At least you know it was not a result of those tight margins. :] - Jeff Mark this one is identical to the one the partner of the guy doing my last endo asked me to look at before I left. I gave the same advice that you did. He called the referring doc and was told to take care of the endo and they'd restore the tooth. Idiocy. That we a young doc also who I know only too well. The bridge in my case had only been in place for a year and I'm sure there was some embarrassment involved in the restorative guys side but, hey, we all make mistakes. Guy Hi Mark, I agree. Looks like the decay is all the way through the furca. If the patient really wants to know and is willing to pay for the exploration, take off the crown, clean the tooth out and you'll probably get the same result - Winfried MARK, if the pt has financial concerns, an option might be to keep the tooth under this bridge of course, only if after removing the tooth is still there!! ;-)) - Marcos Arenal Even I would not want to restore that one. You are very fortunate that implants are an alternative in your area. Very few of my patients will consider one in any situation. They always want me to fix their tooth if possible. - DanS But this one is not fixable. What do you mean implants are not available in your area. I have been overwhelmed by the acceptable and demand that we do implants in my rural area. People have accepted that I would never have expected. Try it. Guy Dan, i'm surprised you dont sink 'em, or do you? - Kendel
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