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Unusual resorption in lateral lower incisors - Courtesy ROOTS
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From: "Winfried Zeppenfeld"
Sent: Monday, February 07, 2005 4:39 AM
Subject: [roots] Unusual resorption

This 58 y/o patient presented with resorption (?) of both lateral lower
incisors. I couldn't get much useful information out of her, mainly
because of a language problem - we have to discuss in broken English. I
suppose she had a trauma earlier. Any other ideas? I consider these
teeth hopeless although they don't cause her problems - Winfried

I would say yes they are hopeless, they will most likely continue to resorb over the next few years until they are ultimately lost. I believe Dr. Trope would refer to this as external inflammatory root resorption (aka subepithelial/cervical inflammatory root resorption) -- although like you mentioned it is difficult to determine due to the language barriers. I also would guess a past history of trauma -- maybe that is also why she is missing the others in between? Overall though, I am not sure any treatment would improve upon the situation -- RCT, intentional replantation, etc..... I'd probably leave it alone and inform the patient as best you can. WOW! - Judy Attached I posted very interesting pictures from Consolaro's Book 1) Internal Resorption and External Resorprtion 2) External Resorption It is an interesting book, because we have the topic discussed in the dental specialities. Book: Author: Alberto Consolaro Title: Reabsorções Dentárias nas Especialidades Clínicas. Dental Press Editora 2002 Márcia Valéria (Brasil)

Dear Carmen, The fourth edition is going to be published this year. ....and I can't wait to buy it. ME TOO!!!!! Please let me know when it comes!!! I agree 100% with you. F.Andreasen & J. Andreasen are a legend in Dental Traumatology. They gave me the guidelines to understand Dental Trauma aspects. Dear Carmen and Rooters, in Brasil acute dental trauma has been shown to affect big part of our population. Mainly children during contact sports and recreation at the clubs, school, playgrounds...young people during surf practice, or skate practice... I am trying since 1986 to make campaigns about the utility to use a mouthguard doing by dentists to prevent some dental traumas!!! And teaching people what they should do when a tooh avulsion occurs or a crow fracture...I am convinced that we are the first people to say to the community the value to indicate and to use a mouthguard. It is our responsability to prevent some dental traumas. In my country there is not a law about its indication or use! Unfortunately! People say that Brasil is the soccer country...but our players don´t use a mouthguard...FIFA don´t accept it like an athlet´s equipment... So...we are always in emergency appointmens to help people with dental traumas. I did a folder, and many lectures about our participation in the prevention of dental traumas. I am still talking a lot about the preventive measures...My students at the Dental School , during Endo classes have a class about mouthguards and its relation to dental trauma prevention, because i really think it is more efficient to prevent some damage...mainly in dental trauma mosaic. I would like to know your experience in the field of dental trauma prevention with the use of a mouthguard in your country. - Márcia Valéria

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