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  Ultrasonics, Retreatments, and MTV
The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited for the individual posts where they are. - www.rxroots.com Photos courtesy of Dr Glenn A Van As
From: "Dr. Glenn A. van As"
Sent: Friday, April 06, 2007 3:20 PM
Subject: [roots] Ultrasonics, Retreatments, and MTV

Well folks:  I was having some fun on my mac and thought I would post a
simple case I did last week in the office.  This patient is having two
premolar crowns replaced soon but the endo on the upper right first
premolar was poor and had a lesion at the end.  There was a relatively
short cast post in the tooth.

I took some High def video through the scope of the procedure just to
give you folks a view of what it looks like live down the scope.  I
captured some stills from the procedure and took a before and after
radiograph of the case.  At the end we put a fiber post in the tooth and
are ready to prep the teeth next visit.

Here are the photos of the case and for those who want to view the movie
(it is done on mac and is in .mov format) so you will need to have
Qucktime (free download) to view it.

Here are the photos, all of them captures from the High definition video
camera attached to the scope.....

Preop resized
post in canal
post in canal resized
post just coming out
post out
ultrasonic GP 1
ultrasonic GP 2
Here is the link to the video , its on the Roots website and if you are interested in a great 4 day course, look into their summit meeting in June in Miami. I will be gettting ready to go to Europe, so I wont be able to go, but I have been to all but one of the summits in the past and for the price , the education is unrivalled in Endo. Here is the link to the video The actual link to the movie is here.... Glenn
Glenn, That is some remarkable photography; more so to think you harvested those pictures from a video! - Atta-Glenn. - wes Glenn and thanks Wes.......the video was on the Xmount and I didnt edit the photos at all - Glenn Unbelievable! I'M ordering The camera tonight! CONNIE wasn't A Big FAN of AC/ DC, But WHAT CAN You DO. Great JOB! - Gary Hi Gary....Glad you enjoyed it....there are some settings you need to fiddle with - I still am trying things but the photos were captured from the video on my mac. Its really cool to see where things are going. I still love my flash setup for photos but the high def is pretty cool for sure for video. 4X the resolution of the 3 chip video - Glenn To be clear. Did you extract the photos from the video file, or did you actually use the still photo function and save it to the tape and/or the memory stick. If the hd functions like my sony 900 3 chip, you actually get a higher resolution image from a photo than from a still pulled from the video itself. Iíll be in touch to see what settings you are using. I need to get a hold of nick and get the sony adapter for the xmount as well. - gary
Hi Gary...I extracted these 4mb files from the video. Still captures. It is higher res (4.6 in 4X3 ) or 6.4mb in 16 by 9 format but it seems tougher for me to capture it exactly due to lighting. I have the camera on the 50/50 side of the scope but its tough to get enough light into the camera to get a still shot (1/125th or higher). I have tried to do this a few times with limited success. I seem to be able to grab images easier right now from the video. The adapter is the small one that fits the Sony 900 I bet. I used the same adapter from the TRV950 for the High def camera. I will look to see what settings I am using......Glenn Glenn, A technological, clinical and cinematic tour de force. Bravo! OK, so now all I have to do is get me one of those gizmos and download your brain. You in? - Arturo Thanks Arturo........its kinda fun putting them together...I have a few others that I am working on. I appreciate the kind comments. I always want to take it one step further and video seems to be the way everyone is going. Its easy to video the anterior teeth and their facial surface with an outside camera but to video down a canal at high mag......... thats a whole other ball of wax. I appreciate the kind words....glad you enjoyed the video - Glenn Do you feel it is a must to have a Mac to edit and deal with the HD video? - Arturo Glenn, The Mac sure is easy compared to Windows. Its just user intuitive. No Arturo but have a look at what Mark Friedman is doing on these links... Glenn http://www.apple.com/business/profiles/friedman/ http://web.mac.com/mjfdds/iWeb/CDADSM/Welcome.html http://web.mac.com/mjfdds/iWeb/CDADSM/Microscope%20Dentistry.html http://homepage.mac.com/WebObjects/FileSharing.woa/wa/ Arturo: Iíve done it both ways, and actually can do it both ways on my macbook pro. Under windows Iíve used adobe premiere and pinnacles studio dv and edition products. Mac is cleaner and simpler, but the results are about equal. Adobe makes products for both - Gary By the way for anyone who wants to see what this 1 pound 5 oz videocamera looks like on the scope that is capable of 4.6 -6.1 mb stills, here is a link to Dental town where I posted the photos of the setup..... - Glenn I ordered it yesterday and nick is getting me the sony adapter Monday. Maybe by the end of next week I can post some back for you to dissect. I am psyched. I am an hd junkie. Bought my Samsung tv for the super bowl this year, march madness, and now the masters. Augusta in hd is awesome. Just imagine what an mb2 on a 48 inch hd screen will look like! - Gary
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