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 transparent tooth:tooth #16:alginate:obturation
The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited for the individual posts where they are. - Photos courtesy of Winfried Zeppenfeld - www.rxroots.com
From: "Winfried Zeppenfeld"
Sent: Sunday, October 07, 2007 7:27 PM
Subject: Re: [roots] QT movies of transparent teeth

These transparent teeth are really fascinating! I'd like to add a few pics. In the Wurzelkanal group, we did a little
experiment: Holm Reuver sent us a molar, imbedded in alginate in a film box. He had injected dye into the root canal
system. the objective was to use our normal cleaning, shaping, dinfecting /rinsing  and obturation protocol, then send
the tooth back to him, have it made transparent to be able to judge to what extent we were able to

  1.  remove the dye   2. completely obturate the root canal system

The tooth had to stay in the alginate which allowed to use the Root ZX and  to do radiographs to simulate real

I received a tooth 16 (#3 US), which which I found to be very difficult. In the mb2 , I got constistent Root ZX
readings of 18mm AND 19,5 mm. It took me a while till I understood that mb1  and mb2 joined midroot and then split
again. Depending on which way the file went after the intersection, one of the two readings resulted. I decided to
remove the septum between mb1 and mb2 with ultrasonics to make it easiert.

I decided to try different obturation techniques. I wanted to squirt the mesial canal with Gutta/PCS  and try two
different techniques of warm vertical compaction with Resilon/Epiphany in the distal and palatal root.  The mesiobuccal
turned out way too short, so I decided to retreat  immediately and almost perfed the root between the canals when I
tried to get the gutta out with a Protaper. Then I fitted Autofit cones in the mesial canals and used warm vertical
compaction with gutta and Kerr PCS as well.

I just love these transparent teeth! You get so much more information than from an X-ray.

Best regards from Flensburg, Germany,

From: "Hans Willi Herrmann" To: "ROOTS" Sent: Sunday, October 07, 2007 12:58 AM Subject: [roots] QT movies of transparent teeth we have seen some awesome micro CT reconstructions of complex root canal systems recently but only a few of us will have the opportunity to get access to such devices needed for creating such animations. Even if so it will need a lot of time and money and knowhow to get such animations. A friend of mine, Dr. Holm Reuver from Neustadt Germany, who has done a lot of great pictures from transparent teeth during the past 10 years has done some 360 degree movies from such transparent teeth. Only some basic hardware is needed to create such animations from extracted teeth in your own practice within a few hours. All you need are some liquids from the pharmacy, a digital camera and a PC or better a MAC. If you want more information feel free to send an email to Dr. Holm Reuver, Neustadt, Germany (holm.reuver@gmx.de) To give you a first impression i have added 2 screenshots from the movies to this email. The movies are in Quicktime -format and are uploaded in the Digital Libary of the RXROOTS website. They are in VGA to minimize the download time but we have HD movies from the same teeth in excellent quality. Images: courtesy Dr Holm Reuver / Dr. Hans -Willi Herrmann GERMANY

Images: courtesy Dr Holm Reuver / Dr. Hans -Willi Herrmann GERMANY

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