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Treatment on a necrotic #8 - Courtesy ROOTS

The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited for the individual posts where they are -
From: Ahmed Tehrani
Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2006 1:35 PM
Subject: [roots] negletful patient

Started this treatment on a necrotic #8 a long time ago. She cancelled many appts and finally came back when the
cavit gave up 3 months after. ST had healed, so another round of CH placed and scheduled to finish the case in 2 weeks.
She disappeared again for 3 months and returned when the cavit failed again. .... the ST had closed and tooth was

she teaches English literature in a major university. May she was having problem with my French accent...)))
nonetheless, I was getting tired of her shenanigans.... So here is what I did:

after careful instrumentation and ultra Sonic to remove all the CH,  I irrigated with 36 cc of NaOCL, 20 cc of EDTA,
24 cc of CHX.
I placed an aliquot of MTA with indirect ult. sonic condensation at the apex.
( see my man-made carrier, all of my Joey D's carriers were clogged. )
Filled the rest of the canal with CH over the MTA and scheduled her the next day to finish.
I told her if she does not return the next day, she has to extract the tooth. The next morning, flushed the
excess CH and checked the set of MTA. Irrigated with copious amount of hypo +EDTA and filled the remaining space
with gutta percha and sealer. Covered it with a layer of Fuji IX and minimally packed composite until the access
was closed.BTW, the MAF was a size 90. - ahmad

Ahmad: Nice, nice, nice, very nice. - Ben Thanks, Dr. Schein - ahmad Ahmad, I've got great Chciago Midwinter meeting....I had a couple of new products developed that are now available and introduced at the show. For folks just like you and I that their DA's seem to forget cleaning the carriers and they are clogged when you need them most.... Annoucing the Disposable Dovgan Carriers....this is NOT a joke....they are available from Vista Dental...and the ENTIRE CARRIER IS 21.50. That's right the entire carrier is twenty one dollars and 50 cents. If you buy 3 get one Free to bring the cost down to 16.80 each....they are NOT made of the fancy tips to broken plungers to trying to worry about handles....they are made of steel...will work on 1-10 cases...(hey you can clean them and they are sterilizable).... So I say Buy'm, Use', Break'm, Clog'm...unlike my other fancy carriers I do get a royalty for these....I was trying to keep the cost down on the I don't get a royalty on the non disposable ones.....but I do on these.... The entire carrier is made of metal actually has a quality feel to it for being so low the barrier has been broken...the first disposable carrier for MTA has Now been delivered. Joey D, "Hey...before someone complains I'm using Roots for selling my products....this is a product announcement Authorized by the Roots Corporate means I get my privledges....YOU DON' don't start posting a bazillion of these" PS: I promise not to mention it again or take up bandwidth announcing this again - Joe Dear Groom to be: do you have a word search in your mail client that every time your name pops up, even in the body of an e-mail you reply back?....)) the new disposable Dovgan MTA carriers?? cool! I'll order a set tomorrow. Hey...before someone complains I'm using Roots for selling my products....this is a product announcement Authorized by the Roots Corporate means I get my privledges....YOU DON' don't start posting a bazillion of these" You , Fred , kendo and Bob Gannon, work your tails off organizing Summits every year. let me guess...bitchers and complainers are the very same people who have never even been to one. Announcing a device for endodontics on an endo forum is only appropriate. Remember Barry Musikant and his ad nauseum 24/7 sales pitch about his crappy files that are made out of kryptonite that never break and blah, blah, blah........ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH..... say I have a new idea .. perhaps we can start developing a fancy schmanzy rubber tube for those decompression cases....I hear it is the newest craze in endo...and there is tons of money to be made......)) - ahmad
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