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Tooth #4:Irreversible pulpitis
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From: Fred Barnett
Sent: Friday, September 12, 2008 6:54 AM
Subject: [roots] cases #2

Here is a second case du jour from Einstein...... - Fred

26 yo asian female presented in April for completion of #4.  GPR started
the case, did some shaping and your basic -- "banging around blindly" -
couldn't figure out her lengths - so she punted for me to finish.
Premolars are always deceiving -- and they always seem to test my
patience.   I looked for two visits for something more mesial in the
apical third... but couldn't find sh#t.   Toward the distal I could stick
a .10 file in three apical spots. Paper points had blood on the lateral
border, so I figure it was stripped.    In retrospect, I could have
obturated with MTA.    Also, had it not been a irrev pulpitis case I would
have probably taken it straight to surgery to see what was going on up
there.    She needed more RCT's so I figured I may be lucky enough to get
a recall.   I informed the patient of her options and chose the
"wait and see" approach.   Today she came in to complete #31.   Not the
greatests of shapes a pretty straight set of  roots, but it was clean.

#4 tested neg to palpation, and percussion.   So did #19 and #18
(endo's I did between 4 and 31). Pt was happy.

Irreversible pulpitis somewhere else in the mouth has been my greatest
aid in getting recalls.- Jared
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