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Endo abstracts    Tooth # 20 - Courtesy ROOTS

From: Jeffrey H. Janian
Sent: Friday, 9 September 2005 4:53 PM
Subject: [roots]Tooth #20

I use rotaries on most cases, but I couldn't use them to the apex on this one.  The WL was 27mm.
I used my 31mm flex-R files step back from a 30 to a 60 at .5mm increments.  "Old school" endo - Jeff

Beautiful ! - Simon Bender Vital with irreversible apical pulpitis? Any idea the cause (besides LONG ROOTS) ? Nice finish - Alan Hi Alan, yes it was irreversible pulpitis. I can't explain why this tooth had it, but perhaps one or a combination of the following: (?) fracture not seen? shallow composite was leaking and affected the pulp? restorative procedure traumatized the pulp, leaving it in a fragile state? I'm just guessing. You wouldn't think this tooth would need RCT without doing pulp tests. When I saw the radiograph, I thought #19 was the actual source of the pain, but #19 tested normal - Jeff Is that because you don't have long enough rotaries? I find the 30mm GT files to be really nice for these kind of roots. BTW, beautiful cases. I think we are all more critical of our own cases than of others because you were saying you didn't like this or that about those cases and I'm thinking you're delusional...they were all beautiful. :-) - Mark Dreyer DMD Nice Finish Dr. Jeff ...Could I know how old is the patient? - Dr Mohammed Hi Mohammed, the patient is 37 years old. -Jeff

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