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Rubber Dam extractions

Extraction is a great service to offer the patient when you know the tooth canít be saved and I never realized how easy it was compared to endo utilizing the tools of an endodontist. Oral surgeons need to figure this out fast or theyíre going to be left behind in the dust. How many of you guys know any oral surgeons that would dream of using a scope and a rubber dam? Kiss dry sockets goodbye with Sterilox water flowing. These sockets heal at light speed.

Iíve attached a few of my recent extractions. A few may end up being two-stage implants that Iíll try. I will make my own models and surgical guides in my personal office. My handyman is putting in a shelf next to my personal office sink where I can grind down study models, set up the vacuum former, and use the Ney Surveyor with adapted drill press to precision design the planned slots through the model and guide. With TDO and email, I will take pictures superimpose an image of the proposed implant on the radiograph. Take pictures in all dimensions of the study model with planned pilot holes. Superimposed radiograph measurements of the bone site and ask what they think of the proposed implant size.

On two of the planned immediate implant placements I closed up because I didnít like the positioning dictated by the socket and the lack of primary stability. At this point I donít take chances and anything questionable becomes a two-stage, not an immediate.

Courtesy: Terry, ROOTS

P.S. I have great confidence with the extractions and placement once my mentors guide me through the planning. Luckily a lot of the planning can be done remotely and digitally.

Dear Terry, Thanks for the post. There is something comforting about having the RD in place, you make it so easy to section the tooth that way :) I would assume you also do some extractions with flap a surgical procedure. How many extractions do you think you do a month? How do you charge if you are in the middle of a surgery and determine a crack that requires extraction? I would assume that your patients really appreciate the ease of not having to run around for the extraction. Thanks, Matt

Unless the tooth is the most distal one, I do most extraction under a dam and itís a cinch. Hereís a sectional removal of a molar Iím planning for a possible two stage.- Terry

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