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Nair Dental College and Hospital, Mumbai is celebrating its Platinum Jubilee (1933 - 2008)

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Lateral luxation - A young boy was referred to the Orthodontic and Pedodontic department after a traumatic injury involving the upper 4 incisors....

Intrusions - Intrusion is a forceful displacement of a tooth into the alveolar bone. Classified as luxation injuries, they display some distinct features in primary or in permanent dentition, involving specifically-oriented therapeutic or prognostic considerations .......

Dental trauma and dento-alveolar injuries- Dental injuries have been classified according to a wide variety of factors, and studies from different countries show that prevalence ranges from 4 to 30 %. The causes and types of dento-alveolar traumatic injuries may differ according to the material investigated .......

Learning strategies

Study Skills- The majority of college success is due to motivation and time management. Anyone who tells you that they can get through college without studying, or that they make great grades without studying is pulling your leg. Success in college takes effort.

Name: Dr Arun Nayak
To: Dental India
E-Mail: drarunnayak@yahoo.com
Location: Mumbai
Comments: The best thing to happen to online dentistry if not globally to a very great extent in India, I have cleared allindia entrance 2001 with 9th rank and currently going to pursue Orthodontics in GDC Nagpur. i would like to offer help to students aspiring to crack entrance exams. You are doing a mammoth task very efficiently. Kudos

Web News & Discussions
Restoring receded gums /delayed eruption of teeth-
Children under 5 and perio prevention/ Galvanic reaction
Estrogen Not a Factor in Jaw Disorders

Implant Dentistry of Washington- Dental implants are the future in dentistry and are becoming more and more widely used across the globe. Success rates have sky rocketed in the past few years and people are finding comfort and confidence again in replacing their missing teeth with dental implants. This web site is designed for anyone who wants a simple breakdown in explanation on the latest in implant dentistry.

Welcome Dental Students, and Pre-Dental Students!
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Advanced Dental education in the U.S. for Indian citizens - This website is intended to save you time and effort,and to assist you in finding all the information you would need to consider an advanced education in Dentisrty in the US. Though it has been designed to aid Indian trained dentists, this site could be useful to Indian and foreign dental students or prospective dental students too.

Educational Opportunities for Non U.S. Citizens in American Dental Schools
The United States has highly developed dental educational programs. Prerequisites for admission to dental school almost always requires the completion of a university four-year bachelor's degree, with some schools also requiring a significant amount of health science courses during the baccalaureate program.

Author to whom correspondence should be addressed: James J. Sciote, Department of Orthodontics, School of Dental Medicine, 3501 Terrace St., Pittsburgh PA, U.S.A. 15261-1932; phone 412-648-8419, fax: 412-648-8817; jjs6+@pitt.edu

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Protaper flaring
6 yr old Empress
Cvek pulpotomy
Middle mesial
Endo misdiagnosis
MTA retrofill
Resin core
BW importance
Bicuspid tooth

Necrotic #8 treatment
Finding MB2 / MB3
Deep in a canal
Broken file retrieval
Molar cases
Pushed over apex
MB2 and palatal canal
Long lower third
Veneer cases
CT Implant surgury

Weird Anatomy
Apical trifurcation
Canal and Ultrasonics
Cotton stuffed chamber
Pulp floor sandblasting
Silver point removal
Difficult acute curve
Marked swelling
5 canaled premolar

Sealer overextension
Complex anatomy
Secondary caries
Zygomatic arch
Confluent mesials
LL 1st molar (#19)
Shaping vs Cleaning
First bicuspid
In Vivo mesial view
Inaccesible canals

Premolar 45
Ortho and implant
Lateral incisor
Churning irrigant
Cold lateral
Tipped to lingual
Acute pulpitis images

Middle distal canal
Silver point
Crown preparation
Epiphany healing
Weird anatomy
Dual Xenon
Looking for MB2
Upper molar resorption
Acute apical abcess
Finding MB2

Gingival inflammation
Irreversible pulpitis
AG BU ortho band
TF Files
using TF files
Broken bur
Warm technique
Restorative prognosis
Tooth # 20 and #30

Apical third
3 canal premolar
Severe curvature
Interesting anatomy
Chamber floor
Zirconia crown
Dycal matrix
Cracked tooth
Tooth structure loss
Multiplanar curves

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