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  Questions for Sterilox users - Courtesy ROOTS

From: John A. Khademi, DDS MS
Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 12:00 PM
Subject: Re: [roots] Questions for Sterilox users

Hi Liviu,

1.What is the active concentration of the solutions?

Don't know.  Full Strength outa the machine.  Using the Ultradent mix right now.  
No home brew yet.

2.What is the pH?

Same.  Don't know.  Got the test strips and it pH'ed out OK per Ultradent 
instructions. My assistants check every Monday AM.

3.Do you guys dilute it? If so to what concentration?

No. Full strength through the water lines as well. I put a maxiprobe on the 
Stropko and irrigate away. GBC has about two months of tubing samples from me.  
I will post them when I get the SEM's. Patient's love the great taste!  
ROFLMAO.  Many guys dilute 50/50. 

4.What is the indicated contact time in the canal?

Indicated?  Ummmmm.....yeah.  It should be in the canal...for some time.  :-)))

5.What is the indicated working temperature as an irrigant?

Body Temp?  Arrhenius says 2+ times increase in reaction rate if heated.  
Fresh soln would be more important if heated.

6.Do you sonicate the solution?

C-shaped only.

I do mostly what GBC says balanced with my "physical and temperment nuances" and 
the subtlties of my ski-town practice. I mean, the guy has his own SEM and TEM.  
Who am I to argue?  And, Oh Yeah...he has a practice to run as well.  :-)) 
- John A Khademy

Hello John: many thanks for the shared informations.
Your answers helped me diving deep into all available data and chemistry research.
Maybe one day.... :0))) - Liviu

Dear fellows, As I understand a bunch of you have started using Sterilox in Endo.
Have some questions I hope you can answer:

1 What is the active concentration of the solutions?
2 What is the pH?
3 Do you guys dilute it? If so to what concentration?
4 What is the indicated contact time in the canal?
5 What is the indicated working temperature as an irrigant?
6 Do you sonicate the solution?

Many thanks in advance for the answers! - Liviu


1 Hypochlorous acid
2 ~5.4 - 5.6
3 Your call or Gary Carr's - if full strength, use it through a disposable syringe!
4 In DUWL the biofilm begins to break up immediately but I'd irrigate it out a few times.
5 I have no idea.  Just keep it stored in a closed container in the refrig.
6 Off label use. But again - not full strength.

- Carol

Thank you very much.
Question 1 intented to know how many ppm of Hypochlorous acid are produced by the 
Sterilox device. Question 5 is regarding the working temperature, this means is there 
a need of warming the solution to make it more active?

An additional question would regard the Catholyte and its indication!
When (at which stage of the irrgation is it indicated)?  - Liviu

Hi Liviu,
I have pH tested the Sterilox solutions with a pH tester.
If mine is calibrated properly, the readings I get are as follows:

Charged Anolyte (undiluted):  6.39 pH
Charged Catolyte (undiluted):  12.25 pH
Stock Proprietary Uncharged Solution:  7.70 pH

Maybe Kim or some of the Ultradent experts can tell me if these readings are correct - Terry
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