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  Second canal

The opinions within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited for the individual posts where they are. - photograph courtesy: Sashi Nallapati

From: Sashi Nallapati
Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2006 5:50 AM
Subject: [roots] second canal

I posted this case a week ago after the first fill. OK, i went back into this tooth to get the second canal..
It only happens in less than 2 %..where they stay separate. I am glad I didnt convince myself to believe in this
and leave the second canal with the sealer track. Ofcourse it was towards the lingual.. She was told by an
endodontist in UK that the canals are calcified and could not be found.. pretty funny that there are actually two.

Sashi Nallapati
second canal

They are still important (the papers), but statistics are statistics. Very nice job, as always. - Thomas
Sashi, thanks for sharing! I wonder what was your final prep sizes...? I have done a couple of two-canaled lower incisors... but i was struggling with question of optimal ballance between cleanliness of system and damage to the root... finished booth at F3 on WL - looked OK, but i would like a bit but a larger... Another question - if we do straight line acces to the lingual canal meaning enlargening access cavity towards lingual as well, don't overly weaken the tooth (in this kind of cases - lower incisor)? Is there any other good way around it? - Dmitri
hi dmitri - MAF 25 for this case and if i remember an F2 to length in each canal. Every rootcanal is different and one of the things we do as clinicians is to determine and impart the correct shape and size to that individual rootcanal than to standardise. The lingual canal would need a little bit more dentin removal to find (microscope makes a big difference) and treat.with flexible files like S1 protaper , you may not need too much of tooth structure removal to obtain decent straight line access to cleaning and shaping of the length of the canal. once again as a clinician, you make that judgement of whats the amount of dentin to remove with out compromising the long term restorative prognosis to treat the root canals. there is no cook book approach, in my opinion for these questions... Sashi
Sashi, I now look at the apexes of teeth when I extract them now...always. I'm surprised at the number of lower anteriors that have two POE. Guy
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