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 Starting and developed resorption

From: Bart Vosters
Sent: Saturday, March 05, 2005 4:58 PM
Subject: starting and developed resorption

This case was send by a GP to look at the resorption of a second premolar ( mesial) the patiŽnt did not want to get a treatment because I could not guarantee her one hundred percent succes ( you never can I think) so I did the extraction but when you look carefully at the first premolar there is something going on too. The restauration on the second was not good but on the first there is only a little distal restauration, there is no history of bleaching trauma or orthodontics. The tooth is send for histological examination. Do you have any suggestions ?? I think the decay is the cause. - Bart Vosters

Classic extra-canal invasive resorption. DougR

I agree 100% - Fred

hi Fred , what about the first premolar I suggest to explore the resorption site if it is possible, Bart

There appears to be some crestal bone loss associated with the other premolar, which I believe to be part of the process. Perhaps a very thorough curettage of that area may allow for an epithelial downgrowth, which could have a positive effect. If we can eliminate the blood supply to the ingrowing connective tissue within the resorption lacunae, the process may stop. TCA cauterizes the ingrowing tissue and destroys the blood supply to the resorbing tissues and cells. - Fred

hi Fred ,what about the first premolar I suggest to explore the resorption site if it is possible - Bart

March 16, 2005
Some days ago I posted already some of these Resilon pics: Resilon seems to last - Bart