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Endo abstracts    External resorption, Amalgam, Perio..- Courtesy ROOTS

here is a followup of the external resoption on the palatal root of a 76 year old. we (endo,perio) fought hard to save the tooth. at 4 months he is all set to receive his final crown, the perio resident is a little inexperienced, should have taken just a little more bone on the Mesio palatal. but he was afraid of opening the furca...

overall a very nice result, i would think...considering the age of the patient... did i tell you , i am increasingly enamored by perio surgery..(with only 3 weeks in the perio dept... ) - sashi nallapati

Sashi,A very nice result indeed! Maybe you have explained this before, but why amalgam? - Marga

1. so that the dental student and perio guys can actually see the palatal most extent of the resorption with out wondering where the resin ended and tooth started.
2.also because of less than favorable conditions for resin placement internally with an open communication into the sulcus.
in other words its idiot proof in a school setting ;-)) - Sashi Nallapati

Lol! But having been there, that is indeed a legit consideration.- Gary

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