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Sandblasting the pulp floor - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: Marga Ree
Sent: Friday, September 18, 2009 2:59 PM
Subject: [roots] Sandblasting the pulp floor

I think this is what Kendo meant when talking about the sandblaster. 
I could identify MB2 without sandblasting, but it's way easier 
if you sandblast the pulp floor, see second pic. Third one is 
with a drop of alcohol. If you look at these pictures, you sometimes 
wonder how such an orifice can be missed, it's even visible
without a scope.... Marga

This is exactly what I meant Marga.......and thank you for demonstrating what to me is the missing link for anyone doing endo........scope or no........unless you alter the chromatics and do it well, what you see remains camera obscura - Kendo Marga: When microetching for MB2 on initial treatments, are you scared of putting al oxide particles into the canals?? - Brent Brent, Highly likely, I do put some al oxide particles into the canals, but I am not scared of it..:-) What harm could it be? - Marga Dear Marga, One of the first things I wounderd me about most when I used the microscoop was how many AH26 was left at the pulp floor and pulp chamber. I tried servile things. I use before etching fist a microbrush with syntac primer to clean the pulp floor and chamber I can tell you that it is working amazing - Rob Marga: Air emphysema?? - Brent

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