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  Root amp case

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From: Richard Schwartz Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2001 08 18 Subject:Root amp case of the day This was a patient referred by a periodontist that may be getting a DB root amp. I packed amalgam a few mm into the DB canal in preparation for the root amp, but prepared and obturated the DB canal fully in case he gets in there and decides to leave the root. Most of periodontists in town do vital root amps most of the time, but I'm getting them to see the virtues of doing the endo first. I suspect Mark and some of the other restorative dentists in Roots probably don't use amalgam any more, but this is on situation where it sure works well. As you can probably tell, case presentations were my favorite part of the endo residency. Rick Schwartz
Photos courtesy of Rick Schwartz - www.rxroots.com

Richard, While I don't feel there is anything wrong with using amalgam if that is what you choose, I don't have any use for it in my practice. I can place a bonded resin anywhere I would have used amalgam, and feel as though I have placed a better restoration. Mark Dreyer, DMD, PA 3503 13th Street St. Cloud, Fl. 34769