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 Apical periodontitis with sinus tract

From: Harald Prestegaard
Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2006 6:29 PM
Subject: [roots] 2 from today

First a retreatment of 37 apical periodontitis with sinus tract.
2 weeks CaOH. Sinus tract, gone patient symptom free.
Root filled today.
I know - short - but I was not able to get more length.
Hopefully the healing process continue

The other a trauma case.
13,11 and 21 was avulsed.
13 and 11 was replantet (The patient was alresdy missing the laterals)
13 and 11 apical periodontitis with sinus tract.
Both apical periodontits healed but bone pocket with resorptions mesial 13 with persistence sinus tract.
13 was extracted. Two implants were placed after som bone agumentation in regio 13.
11 was rootfilled today - Harald Prestegaard , Norway

Harald: thanks for sharing your cases. how do you obturate the canals? - ahmad

Harald, did the three canals converge to one POE? Guy

Guy, I am nor sure if they converged. The DB and DL canal had the same length and M canal was 1 mm longer. All the masterpoints did go to working length and that would normally say that the canals do not coverge, but no x-ray showing separate foramen.

Ahmed, These two cases was filled with cold lateral condensation with Epiphany/Resilon - Harald