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Allergy to Red Dye and relationship to Gutta Percha? - Courtesy ROOTS
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From: Rob Kaufmann
Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2009 9:05 PM
Subject: [roots] Allergy to Red Dye and relationship to Gutta Percha?

RD called looking for info about Resilon.  His patient has an allergy to red dye. Does anyone know
whether any type of Red dye is used to color Gutta Percha and whether this allergy theory is valid
with GP? - Rob Kaufmann

Hard to find...............


Other Ingredients
trans-Polyisoprene (dry natural rubber), zinc oxide, barium sulfate and colorants
Can we assume that this IS Red Dye and that this patient SHOULD be using Resilon instead? - Rob

International Endodontic Journal - Fulltext: Volume 41(12 ...Between tests, the specimens were
aseptically moved to wells containing 1.0 mL of ... In addition,
Resilon has colorants that may have been a source of ...
- Patrick Wahl

White guttapercha. - Suzette van der Waal

There are NO DYES in Resilon - Fred

Resilon has colorants.
Here are some definitions of colorant:

A colourant or colorant is something added to something else to cause a change in colour.
Colourants can be dyes, pigments, inks, paint, or ... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colorant

Dye, pigment, or other agent used to impart a color to a material.

A substance (dye or pigment) that imparts color to an ink

commonly pigment (an insoluble inorganic compound or metal oxide crystal, or an organic dye fused to an
insoluble metal oxide crystal);
Concentrated color (dyes or pigments) that can be added to paints to make specific colors
colorants - Materials used to produce color, such as dyes, inks, pigments, toners, or phosphors.
Pigment additives used to introduce color to tubing.
Both natural colored PVC and clear PVC can be colored.
The color portion of the ink which may be pigment or dye or a combination of the two.
A substance, such as a dye or pigment,
that colors something else. A colorant may be raw or refined chemical, mineral, or herbal material.
Also see mortar and pestle.

A substance used for coloring a material: dye, pigment (Merriam-Webster)

colorants - Ingredients that can be used to alter the color of a product.
A dye. Colorants are either a dye or a pigment. There are both natural and synthetic dyes and pigments.
colorants - Chemical substances that give color to
materials such as ink-paint crayons, felt-tip pens and pastels. Dyes are colorants that dissolve in water. ...

Patrick Wahl

Semantics is a terrible thing...the colorants are all raw earth pigments…some people would call those
dyes specifically the Red Colorant is Iron Oxide - bob
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