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Radicular Cyst - Courtesy ROOTS
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From: "gary l. henkel d.d.s."
Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2006 1:28 AM
Subject: [roots] gross photos how about the radicular cyst that ate n.y

As you can see, my totally excellent endo adventure got short circuited, but the cyst attached to the palatal root is huge. Going to the lab for evaluation. Though I'd try to out gross mark :) - Gary

Ugh....would you consider sending it to Gary Carr for examination? - Fred Gary surges into the lead. Anyone else care to compete in the grossness contest? LOL - Mark Not so gross, but I had it handy - John A Khademy

Have you ever gotten the argument not to remove that calculus bridge “cause it’s holding my teeth in I love that - Gary Ahhh, the look of rural Colorado. Gotta love it eh John? :-)) Seriously, it wouldn't take much convincing to switch states with you. I love your state! My wimmen would not come with me though. Lizette turns on the seat warmer in her car in the middle of the Florida summer. LOL - Mark

How are these two pics for the GROSSEST OF 'EM ALL AWARDS ..... this was way back in 1997 which was one of the worst cases i had ever seen and was thinking why i ever became a dentist ........ the patient expected me to give him that Perfect Smile by doing whatever was necessary !!! ( can u believe that??)... he was a diabetic , cardiac and asthmatic ..... died soon after ..... but is still immortalized in my archives as the worst case i ever saw ..UGH!!!!! hope all of you are dieting today ... if not u will !!! - Sanjay

Here's one that I saw a while back in our urgent care. The patient didn't take out his denture for about one year. :-| Cheers - Chris

Chris, Am I seeing this right? The cuspids came out with the denture? !!!!! That's awesome!!! Sanjay, I still think you're in the lead though. Completely sick! - Rod

Hi Rod! Yes, both canines came out with the denture - Chris

Yuck! Brings back memories. Many years ago we instructed immediate denture patients not to take their dentures out until there followup visit. Bad choice of words. We now ask them not to take them out for an extended period of time, but to remove them for short periods to perform hygiene operations. Better choice of words - Gary

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