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Dental India is in its 14th year of online.. , a premium dental site being listed First in all major search engines offering one stop solution to everyone in the dental field as well as informations to patients has won many awards for its rich content, layout, reliability, latest updates and credibility. Its most popular weekly electronic newsletters are widely read and the membership has crossed the 42860 mark with a readership over 70000 and is growing day by day! Companies send exclusive circulars to our group members at very economical charges.

Alexa world traffic rank of Dental India site was 51410 on 6th Sep 2007 - under 100,000 .With 15 million hits per year, the website is surfed 24 hours a day by dentists all over the globe. Dental India’s association with discussion groups enables it to document the latest discussions going on in dentistry with professional images and case studies covering all specialities of dentistry. International companies have put their banners in the home page and have their listing in appropriate web pages in Dental India!

Database of 50000 dentists, is the largest and most reliable database of dentists which is constantly updated. 35990 dentists living in 64 major Indian cities form part of the email database . Dentists can be grouped agewise, statewise, speciality-wise, number of years of practice. Significant volume of mailers are being sent out regularly for various companies. Group Direct mailing comprising of quarterly despatch of leaflets in a packet , is a boom for companies which cannot afford to send exclusive mailers to 50000 dentists.Database of Manufacturers, dealers, labs, colleges, companies dealing in softwares on dentistry is a comprehensive one and is widely used by Multinational companies.

Dental India is promoting Dental tourism .Dental India offers you an opportunity to reach the targeted group of dentists to promote your new products, services, seminars, CDE programmes instantly at the most economical and reliable way! You are welcome to participate in any of the above services offered by us which have become our key activities bringing main sources revenue to continue to offer dental professionals wealth of latest informations in their quest for continuing dental education through our premium dental site

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