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Ortho is a viable treatment with an implant - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: Guy Moorman
Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 5:29 PM
Subject: RE: [roots] Another odd consult today

Terry, being banded now in an attempt to deprogram me and 
restore my upper arch and lower left, I know that ortho 
in a 66 yo old works rapidly with modern Damon brackets.  
I was locked in CR and beating the crap out of my joint 
clinching.  They banded me and placed a NiTi wire 
and I was end to end the next morning with an inability 
to clinch.  My point is that if this is not going to extract 
the tooth, ortho is a viable treatment with an implant.  
The bicuspid is history.  Hey, 66 is NOT old.  Iíve got a 
lot of bitching yet to do - Guy

I agree with Guy. She can also go in for a sectional ortho; 
without even bonding the anteriors. Terry, the tooth looks 
like a retained deciduous canine to me!  - Vipin

No ECIR and invading clasts after that? :):):)  Seems like 
an idea. At least her perio maintenance seems good.
The overcontoured mesial contact of the molar certainly 
needs to be stripped back. Pushing those tilted molars
back would certainly be a stretch.  A CBCT would definitely 
be in order to figure out where the mental foramen/mandibular 
canal is to see if that impacts ideal placement of an implant 
- Terry
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