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No pre-op, no MB2, freaky palatal...- Courtesy ROOTS
From: craig
Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2006 11:16 AM
Subject: [roots] no pre op, no MB2, freaky palatal...

This is a guy I ride bikes with. We got to yacking and I forgot to take a preop hey, what can I say?. .............. We treat you like family around here

Some cruddy water marks on my xrays.it’s drool from my assistant. She and the rest of the staff were all googly eyed and drooling over this dude, so they didn’t get the xrays dried correctly and at the same time, at the end of the day, that lead into a talk on relationships, guys, why they are pigs and where is Mr. Right and how do you meet him…………….so a thrown together case in and amongst that advice I was giving…. ;-)

Yes, Kendo et al people seek me out to ask advice on relationships.:-)!.....shocking but a truth Craig

That's a beautiful palatal! What's the white resin on the floor? I just wish to observe you partaking in that kind of conversation, hard to imagine!- Tony

What's the white resin on the floor?
Not resin..that’s the color of the inside of his tooth…..just the way it was.. Craig

I just wish to observe you partaking in that kind of conversation, hard to imagine!
Scary aint it!!.... :-0 Craig

Hello Craig , please can u elaboratemore on the case as what is special about the palatal- Gurpreet

It bifurcates…..see enclosed.. Craig