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Nickel Allergies

From: Peter S Wohlgemuth
Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2001 17 51
Subject:Nickel Allergies

I recently saw a new patient with a severe metal allergy.  A zipper on her
skin will cause a reaction.  I know that Dentaurum has a titanium appliance.
I was curious if anyone else has had experiences with other patients.  I am
planning to place one band in her mouth and see if she reacts to it.

Thank you,

Peter S. Wohlgemuth

From: Stanley M. Sokolow Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2001 19 24 Subject:Nickel Allergies Dear Peter I've never had to deal with metal allergies, but I'm sure it is a challenge. You must not only consider the brackets, but also the other metals, including stainless steel. A quick search on the Internet found this page on the composition of various grades of stainless steel. You'll need to contact the manufacturer of each metal appliance, archwires, bands, etc., to determine the content of their metal components and check with the patient's physician regarding the identified metallic allergens -- they may not necessarily be nickel. Your cautious challenge approach seems logical - Stan Sokolow