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  Need for Microscopes

The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited
for the individual posts where they are. - Photos courtesy of Carlos Murgel

On 2nd March 2007, Carlos Murgel  wrote:

I have been reading about how good some Rooters are and that they can 
do endo with out any magnification and I am amazed to think how bad I 
must be.  This is an small example of the sort of things that I can't 
see even with the lowest magnification of my scope. Tooth # 16 
(28 international).

Note at the lowest magnifications (images 1,2 and 3) that we can not 
see the DB canal that emerges at the DP wall of the MB canal.

We can only treat what we can see! - Carlos Murgel

Carlos, Beautiful photos. If there were any remaining doubters about the value of this level of light and magnification they can't be doubting any more! A photo truly is worth a thousand words. Anyone that is able to buy a scope (I know many of the Rooters in less fortunate areas of the world just can't do it, so they get a pass) and doesn't after seeing your photos is in fact accepting that he/she will occasionally miss anatomy such as what you've demonstrated here. Such acceptance is inconsistent with doing the best for the patients - Mark Why did you change to the 300mm objective lens Carlos? I'm 6' 3". I use a 250. Would I be better going to the 300? I know I'm taller than you. Just curious - Mark Mark I like the 300 mm lens to give me lower mag and more facial photography. Just a personal preference. The 250 is fine. With the 300 you loose a lot of light....Carlos Murgel Hi Carlos.................. great pics and good to see your post after a long time....believe me whenever I find extra canals I am glad that did find them but at the same time I feel a bit insecure for what I have missed in all the other cases ( most of them fall in this category) in absence of a scope - Sachin Thanks Sachin, I need to confess that even with the microscope I miss some canals also...specially after seeing all the cases that John K posted here...Carlos Murgel Great Pictures, Carlos. may I use them in a presentation about modern endo? Credits are guaranteed. - Jörg Schröder Dear Carlos, As usual the photography you present is top notch! As you know I have the Kaps in our office since the Summit VI and I am still strugling with it. Scope photography is not bad anymore, but nothing like yours. I will have to put the Canon 10D on the scope to get better high ISO photos and of course a good parafocaling. I just can't parafocal the 950 very well. There are many cases that can't be done without the scope. Today I had a case that I did in 1999 and misses a bifurcation in the D canal. The case got infected and the way it looked I was sure it's cracked. There are many more like this. I will soon say more about the Kaps as I know you asked me for a review some time ago. Probably after the weekend - Thomas Good morning Thomas, Send me some examples of your images so I can see what is going on. I have no experience with photographs with a Kaps. Are you using the Carr II adapter? You can not parafocal the 950! That is why you need a TV to see the image and when you have focus trigger the camera. My pictures are not as good as they use to be mainly because now I am using a 300 mm objective lens and this makes photography harder but I am happy with what I have. I am not the king of deep photography like Peter Endo or Terry - Carlos Murgel P.S You see I am patient. Still want to see how you work on the right side with the mirror and without the rubber dam Excellent post which reminded me of an exchange I had had once elsewhere - Bob hi , at what mag cound you see it? oops cound = could ,oh and fab case by the way!!- Abdul Hi Abdul, At the initial appointment I could see some different at the first two magnification leaves. I could see well after the second one. I use a Global 6 steps. Now seeing is one step but being able to work is another. This as tooth #16(28 int) and the conventional mirros are impossible. I think the small and flexible mirrors from are a must have - Carlos Murgel Hi Carlos, I have a 100W xenon it seems fine for working with pics are ok nothing like as good as yours - John

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