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New Dental Products

Le soothe™ latex exam glovesDUX Dental recently introduced Hemodettes, a hemostatic gel in a unit-dose cup. According to the manufacturer, hemodettes are a 20% buffered aluminum chloride lubricating hemostatic gel with saturated cotton pellets packaged in unit-dose disposable, plastic cups featuring an attached finger ring. Unit-dose packaging eliminates cross-contamination and according to DUX dental, the light blue color of the gel identifies the areas of placement and affords easy/complete rinsing. The viscosity of the gel reportedly eliminates migration from the area of placement and each cup contains two cotton pellets for easy, fast application. Hemodettes are available in a jar containing 25 unit-dose cups for $21.00 (suggested retail) or $15.78 (government) - (Col Harte)

The Denpress® Impression Material Dispensing System from COX Medical is a universal impression dispensing gun intended to fit all types of 50 mL dental impression material cartridges. The complete dispensing kit includes the gun, two breaches and three plunger racks. The interchangeable breaches and racks provide the purported “one-fits-all-sizes” convenience and adaptability to different cartridge designs. The manufacturer states the Denpress® is made of a strong, lightweight material that can withstand repeated steam sterilizations. When ordered in quantities from 1-50 kits, each Denpress® dispensing system is available for $38.21 (government). Slight discounts are available for the larger quantity orders of 51-100 ($36.30) and 100+ ($34.39) - (Col Warren)

XP BOND Universal Total-Etch Adhesive from Dentsply Caulk is an etch-and-rinse, two-step adhesive. This is the first ethanol-based adhesive marketed by Denstply, which is advertised to provide excellent film thickness, one-coat coverage, wide tolerance to moisture conditions, and up to 15 minutes working time. Similar to the acetone-based Prime and Bond adhesives, Denstply states that XP Bond contains the same nano-filled, PENTA chemistry that is based an a tertiary-butanol alcohol solvent. A unit-dose delivery system is available, and for self- and dual-cure applications a Self-Cure Activator can be purchased separately. The XP BOND Universal Total-Etch Adhesive Introductory Kit (#693000) is $132.70 (suggested retail) and $79.80 (government) and contains one 5 mL bottle of XP BOND, 50 applicator tips, one 3 mL syringe of 34% tooth conditioner gel, 25 applicator needles, and one CliXdish mixing well.

(Col Roberts)

Lasting touch nano-technology liquid polishLasting Touch Nano-Technology Liquid Polish from Dentsply Caulk is a surface sealant to assist in the finishing and polishing of resin composite restorations. Lasting Touch is said to provide a long-lasting, high luster finished surface to resins that seals restoration margins and any surface microscopic cracks and fissures. The manufacturer states that this nano-filled surface sealant bonds to etched enamel, fluoresces the same as tooth structure, is stain resilient, and enhances surface wear resistance. The Lasting Touch Nano-Technology Liquid Polish Introductory Kit (#692000) is available for $105.00 (suggested retail) and $63.16 (government) and contains one 5 mL bottle of Lasting Touch Coating, 50 applicator tips, one 3 mL syringe of 34% tooth conditioner gel, 25 applicator needles, and one CliXdish mixing well. - (Col Roberts)


3M/ESPE recently introduced Ketac Nano Light-Curing Glass Ionomer Restorative which is advertised to be the first paste/paste RMGI restorative material based on bonded nanofiller technology. Encased in the familiar 3M/ESPE “clicker” delivery system, Ketac Nano requires no additional hardware for preparation and supposedly provides 40 applications per clicker device. Ketac Nano is said to provide esthetic restorations comparable to some resin composite restorations, providing a smooth finished surface with excellent gloss.  Furthermore, Ketac Nano is touted to possess improved wear resistance and high fluoride release while 3M/ESPE states that Ketac Nano is indicated for primary teeth and transitional restorations, as well as small Class I, Sandwich, Class III and V restorations in the adult dentition as well as core buildups. The Ketac Nano Light-Curing Glass Ionomer Restorative Introductory kit (#33041) is available for $289.99 (suggested retail) and $226.19 (government) and contains two 12 g Clicker dispensers of shades A1 and A3, one 6.5 ml bottle of Primer, 50 Delivery Tips with Pistons, 50 Fiber Tips, Mixing Pad, one Applicator Handle, 48 Disposable Mixing Wells, Shade Guide, Instructions, and Technique Guide. Additional shades (A2, A3.5, A4, B2, C2, Blue) are available separately as refills.- (Col Roberts)

Click for a larger image3M/ESPE recently introduced Protemp Crown Temporization Material, the latest addition to their line of provisional materials. Protemp Crown is advertised as the first preformed, self-supporting, malleable, light-curable, composite crown. Protemp Crown is designed for single-unit posterior provisional restorations and is available in nine preformed sizes (molars, premolars, and cuspids) in one universal shade. According to manufacturer directions, the appropriate-sized crown is adapted to its oral environment, light cured, polished, and cemented using standard provisional cements. 3M/ESPE promotional literature states the entire process can be accomplished in four minutes or less. Individual crowns can also be ordered in kits of five crowns. - (Col Roberts)

The Fusion Curing Light, marketed by DentLight INC, is a visible light curing unit based on the FUSION™ high power, LED light-beaming technology that is advertised to provide an intense and focused beam that minimizes light dispersion while providing 1500 mW/cm2 irradiance. The Fusion is touted as providing an expedient, deep, and consistent cure that is said to be less than 5 seconds for 2-mm-thick shade A3 or lighter resin composite materials as well as less than 20 seconds for some 8-mm-thick core materials. The cordless unit is powered by a replaceable, lithium-ion battery that is said to provide up to 300 curing cycles (two time settings: 9- and 20-seconds) that is fully recharged in 90 minutes from the stand while also being able to convert to a corded operation mode when battery power is low. The Fusion Curing Light has a 1-year warranty. The Fusion is available in a light gray or a custom (pink/blue/gold) finish. The Fusion Curing Light Kit (#750080) contains the curing light handpiece, power adapter, charge stand, mount stick pad, 25 curing caps, 100 disinfectant barrier sleeves and is available for $599.00 (suggested retail) and $419.00 (government). - (Col Roberts)

The new SpectroShade Micro shade scanning unit by Medical High Technologies is designed to take the guess work out of matching tooth shades. The SpectroShade Micro system uses a digital camera connected to an LED spectrophotometer to purportedly recognize colors as they really are. Color matching is said to not be influenced by the existing lighting in the clinic/lab. The SpectroShade Micro has a touch-screen display that can provide information about each specific patient contained in the database and can transfer images and spectrophotometric data to a PC by USB, wireless LAN or SD CARD. Distributed by ClMn 3D, the SpectroShade Micro can be purchased for $5,000.00 (suggested retail) and $4,000.00 (government). - (MSgt Williams)

Guardian Wrench/TipCarrierThe Symmetry IQ™ 3000 from Hu-Friedy, Inc. is a piezoelectric scaling device. The unit operates with high frequency ultrasonic vibrations (28-36 KHz) and has touch pad function and pre-defined color-coded power controls. Power is activated using a foot control and water flow can be changed with an adjustment knob. The unit has a preset memory function allowing the preferred operation mode, power setting and water flow to be saved for future use. The sterilizable handpiece provides fiber-optic illumination to enhance vision. A variety of piezo scaling tips are available along with an application chart that recommends tips for procedures from the removal of light supragingival deposits to heavy deposits in deep periodontal pockets or furcations. The scaling tips must be purchased separately from the unit and each tip comes with its own Guardian Wrench/Tip carrier The carrier is used to place the scaling tip on the handpiece and for tip removal post procedure; the tip remains within the carrier during sterilization procedures. The carriers are color coded to match the power settings on the unit, reminding users of the recommended power level to be used for each tip. Electrical specifications are 110 or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz. The Symmetry IQ™ 3000 unit is available for $1,650.00 (suggested retail) and $921.82 (government). Additional fiber-optic handpieces are available for $570.00 (suggested retail) and $354.83 (government). The prices for the scaling tips range from $95.25-$136.50 (suggested retail) and $53.95-$65.36 (government).- (Col Warren)

The DownPak is a cordless endodontic obturation device manufactured by endo ingenuity™ a Hu-Friedy, Inc. company. The unit has a rechargeable and replaceable nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery that is said to provide enough power (15 minutes) on one charge for an entire day of endodontics. The DownPak provides the options of using heat, vibration (100 Hz) or a combination of heat and vibration during obturation and is compatible with traditional gutta percha or synthetic materials (e.g., Resilon™). The temperature range for the unit is 50-350°C. Although it is designed to be used with a warm vertical condensation technique, the manufacturer states that vibration without heat can be used with “cold” lateral obturation.  DownPak’s organic LED screen displays temperature setting, battery life and indicates vibration activation. A power supply, charger and battery pack are provided with the unit when purchased. Twelve different sterilizable heat plugger tips and two cutting spoon tips (small and large) can be purchased separately. The plugger tips are offered in Stainless Steel, UltraSoft Stainless Steel and Nickel Titanium (NiTi).


*** DownPak units are available for Canada, Japan, Continental Europe, United Kingdom and Australia - (Col Warren)

Kerr/Sybron Dental Specialties recently introduced the Demi LED Light Curing System, which is said to be approximately half the weight and size of the Demetron LED curing lights.  Designed to ergonomically reduce stress on the user’s hands and wrists, the Demi also contains a built-in fan that is advertised to keep the unit cool while extending the overall life of the LED.  The Demi is advertised as containing the Periodic Level Shifting (PLS) curing technology, which shifts output intensity periodically during the curing cycle that is said to allow a five-second cure for all composite shades A3 and lighter.  The lithium-ion battery and power management system is touted to provide extended performance, lasting three to four days between charges.  The Demi is said to accept all Demetron light guides. The Demi LED Light Curing System (#910770) is available for $1149.00 (suggested retail) and $672.92 (government) and includes the Demi Handpiece, 8 mm Turbo Light Guide, battery pack, battery charger, 120V power supply, and protective light shield.  Items are also available individually. - (Col Roberts) 

{short description of image}Southland Distribution & Sales recently introduced Bio Lube, a synthetic handpiece lubricant and cleaner for air turbine and electric handpieces. Bio Lube lubricant is oil-less and specially formulated with Nano Lubrication "TLC" technology that is said to virtually eliminate 90% of friction and wear. The lubrication is said to stay in place during sterilization thereby eliminating the need to re-lubricate after sterilization. Bio Lube cleaner is purported to be a non-flammable aerosol cleaner that evaporates buildup of proteins, baked-on oil, and debris from turbine surfaces. Bio Lube is packaged in various configurations for use with direct manual insertion into handpieces or for automatic handpiece maintenance stations. - (MSgt Sutter)

{short description of image}

Wrap-Ease™, from Crosstex International, is a fully adjustable latex-free "all-in-one" barrier sleeve, comfort cushion, and positioning aid that reportedly fits all brands of digital radiography sensors. Crosstex claims that the Wrap-Ease™ works with all the leading positioning devices including Rinn® holders and eliminates the need for costly disposable baskets or holders. According to Crosstex, the adjustable cushion completely encloses the sensor for patient comfort and the seamless sleeve won't abrade soft tissue and will not split open. The Wrap-Ease™ sleeves are available in two sizes. The large (white) Wrap-Ease™ is adjustable to fit size 2 sensors and the small (blue) is adjustable to fit size 0-1 sensors. One box of 50 Wrap-Ease™ sleeves is available for $28.95 (suggested retail) and $25.00 (government). One case (12 boxes) of Wrap-Ease™ sleeves is available for $216.00 (government). - (Col Harte)

{short description of image}The Uni-GripAR™ from Dentsply Rinn is a new positioning arm and ring that is designed for use with all Uni-Grip® Universal Disposable Radiographic Holders. The ring incorporates three color-coded alignment slots for accurate placement of the positioning arm using either anterior, posterior, or bitewing x-rays. It is autoclavable and made of light weight plastic that is said to enhance patient comfort. The Uni-GripAR™ (item # 55-0100) sells for $39.99 (suggested retail) and $23.99 (government). Combination kits that include the Uni-GripAR™ along with the Uni-Grip® Universal Disposable Radiographic Holders for both digital sensors (item # 55-0250) and film/phosphor plates (item # 55-0255) are available for $102.00 (suggested retail) and $61.20 (government). - (MSgt Sutter)

Peristar headlightPerioptix recently introduced the PeriStar™ portable headlight system. The company claims that this headlight has significant improvements over the PeriLUX™ headlight system previously evaluated by DECS. The light source is a light-emitting diode (LED) that purportedly has a maximum lamp illumination of 38,000 lux at 14 inches. The light weighs 0.7 ounces and can either be mounted on magnification loupes or on the company's Freedom Headband. The system includes a battery charger and uses lithium-ion batteries with a listed operating time of 4 ½ hours. Two batteries are supplied, and the battery life is purportedly about 500 charge cycles. The PeriStar™ portable headlight system has a one-year warranty and is available for $795.00 (suggested retail) and $641.60 (government). Additional lithium-ion batteries can be purchased separately for $60.00 (suggested retail) and $45.11 (government). - (Col Miniotis)

Aseptico Express portable dental unitsTwo new portable dental units, the ADU-17 Express II and the ADU-17X Express Plus II, have recently been introduced by Aseptico, Intl. The units are designed as self-contained packages with wheels and retractable handles to facilitate transportation. Both come in impact-resistant cases and feature built-in compressors with high- and low-volume suction, large (1-gallon) waste containers with automatic overflow shut-off, and separate water reservoir bottles. The ADU-17X Express Plus II differs from the ADU-17 Express II in having an air-driven handpiece control (handpieces sold separately). Both units are available in either 110 or 220V; buyers should specify the desired voltage when ordering. - (Dr Charlton)

Angle Ease example of one locked positionAngle Ease range of positionsPracticon Dental has introduced the Angle Ease™ Adjustable HVE Tip. The single-use disposable plastic white tip is designed so the operator can move the end of the tip into any of 12 different locking positions (the full range of positions and an example of one locked position are shown). From a straight bayonet position to a 90° angle, the tip can be positioned to improve access, visibility, and efficiency in any quadrant of the mouth. Practicon claims that being able to angle the tip reduces hose tension and drag, thereby reducing operator fatigue and wrist strain. With its reversible design, the Angle Ease™ Adjustable HVE Tip accommodates right- and left-handed operators. Its purported rigid construction is said to enable clinicians to fully retract the cheek. The tip fits all standard HVE valves. A package of 50 tips (item #70-42610) is available for $12.99 (suggested retail) and $7.79 (government). - (MSgt Sutter)

Caviron SofTip Ultrasonic Implant InsertDentsply Professional recently introduced the Cavitron® SofTip™ Ultrasonic Implant Insert. The insert, which is compatible with 30-kHz Cavitron® ultrasonic scalers, is designed to remove plaque and soft calculus from around titanium implants and abutments. Single-use SofTip™ disposable plastic tips, said to be safe for implant maintenance, must be used with the insert. It is important to note that the tip should be used with Cavitron® Ultrasonic Scalers at their LOW-power Blue Zone™ settings. A specially designed wrench is supplied for installing and removing the tip.

biosonicThe Biosonic® UC125 Ultrasonic Cleaning System from Coltène Whaledent is a new ultrasonic cleaner featuring a memory-based programmable LCD display screen that is advertised to aid in customized operation. Features include a "countdown timer" that informs the user when the cycle is complete; "solution tracking" that aids in knowing the amount of time that the solution has been in use; a "selectable run time" to customize cleaning time parameters; a "degas button" that is said to easily prepare solution for maximum cleaning efficiency; and options for six languages. The manufacturer claims that the unit's user tank capacity of one gallon makes it the largest in comparison to similar-sized tabletop ultrasonic cleaners. The "C-Power" feature is said to ensure constant power against varying solution levels/instrument loads and used solution can be removed via a drainage system in as little as 45 seconds. The unit is available in both domestic and international electrical configurations. The overall dimensions are 16.5"L x 10.5" W x 13.75"H. Accessory baskets, cassette racks, and beaker holders are not included and must be purchased separately. The Biosonic UC125 Ultrasonic Cleaning System is available for $713.32 (suggested retail) and $392.33 (government).- (MSgt Sutter)

Spirit model 1802 series chairPelton and Crane recently introduced the Spirit 1800 Dental Chair to replace the Spirit 1500 Chair that are being phased out at the end of the year. The hydraulically-operated chair (model 1801 is shown) is available in four different models and is designed to enhance patient comfort and improve operator efficiency. Depending on the model, features include either a traditional or narrow back design, arm rests with or without slings, and contoured plush or seamless (i.e., aseptic) upholstery. With a wide toe board that purportedly adds to patient comfort, the sleek modern appearance of the chair back is said to provide easy access to the patient while enabling the operator to maintain proper ergonomic posture. A quick-release, dual, articulating headrest is designed to enable the operator to position the patient precisely for easy access to the oral cavity. An optional flat headrest with magnetic pillow is also available. Patient positioning is done using a two-position foot switch that is said to be easy to program. The chair is available in a wide variety of colors and sells for $6,995.00 (suggested retail) and $4,127.00 (government). The chair comes with a five-year warranty (one year for the upholstery)- (MSgt Sutter)

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