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New Laboratory Products

The VL Mini Laser from Gramm Technology is a benchtop laser welder designed for small and medium dental laboratories. The system incorporates a 15X stereo-microscope with a field of vision diameter of 16 mm. The manufacturer states that the VL Mini Laser joins precious and non-precious alloys with a single pulse frequency of 15 Hz. The laser is cooled by an integrated water-air-heat exchanger. The compact laser welder measures 20” W x 25” D. Electrical specifications are 115, 200 and 240 VAC, and 60Hz. Buyers should specify the desired voltage when ordering. The VL Mini Welder is available for $19,900.00 (suggested retail). For government pricing contact Gramm Technology - (SMSgt Young)

Radica is a new provisional and diagnostic resin system from Dentsply Ceramco. The Radica kit comes with nine dentin and two enamel shades. It is shape stable, which allows for occlusal adjustments, buildup, and correction of defects before curing. It is said to have excellent flexural strength and high wear resistance.  Radica can reportedly be relined using traditional reline materials and cemented with most conventional temporary cements. It can be cured using the Enterra, Triad 2000, or the Eclipse EPU curing units. The Radica provisional and diagnostic resin system can be purchased for $1,850.00 (suggested retail) and $1,553.88 (government) - (MSgt Williams)

The Programat EP 5000 is a new combination press and porcelain furnace from Ivoclar Vivadent.  Twenty separate press programs and 200 firing programs can reportedly be entered into the Programat EP 5000.  The furnace offers three USB connections and an Ethernet connection for different accessories. The unit can be updated by using a thumb drive without a PC. The furnace has a high-resolution color display with touch screen functions that supposedly make the furnace easy to operate. It has a crack detection system that will reportedly interrupt the pressing cycle if it detects a crack in the investment ring, eliminating the “wait and see” scenario. The Programat EP 5000 is available for $9,799.00 (suggested retail) and $8,623.12 (government)- (MSgt Williams)

Wasserman_DSW2The Wet Tray by XPdent Corporation is a porcelain tray designed to maintain porcelain at a preferred working consistency and eliminates the need for porcelain rehydration. XPdent states that the Wet Tray is manufactured from a double-sided, hydro-porous material that draws water from its reservoir to the surface through capillary action. The tray surface is manufactured to accommodate metal instruments and has a smooth surface that helps eliminate damage to brush tips. Wet Tray includes a double-sided hydro-porous tray, tray base, shaping sponge, and two water containers. Wet Tray can be purchased for $44.95 (suggested retail) - (SMSgt Young)


Spot_Clip_HemostatThe Spot Clip Hemostat by XPdent Corporation is specifically designed for handling substructures during porcelain application.  The manufacturer states that the hemostat helps simplify the process of holding metal-ceramic crowns without a metal margin.  The Spot Clip covers a tiny spot on the surface of a restoration allowing for a smooth, uniform layer of opaque and staining/glazing application.  The instrument is equipped with a locking handle to maintain a secure grasp.  The Spot Clip Hemostat (item# 31000007) can be purchased for $118.50 (suggested retail) - (SMSgt Young)

Wasserman_DSW2Erio System has introduced the Wassermann DSW 2 and DSW 2/4K, dosing scales suitable for measuring plaster materials and dispensing liquid.  The unit features an LED display and a frontal keypad for ease of programming. The manufacturer states that the programmable dispensing unit weighs the powder and measures the water-to-powder ratio of gypsum with an accuracy of ±0.5 gram.  The dispensing unit is designed to store up to 30 separate mixing formulas and has documentation capabilities by connecting to a thermal printer.  The DSW-2 model has a standard configuration of one pump, expandable to six, while the DSW-2/4K model has a standard configuration of four pumps for cooled liquids with two additional pumps available for un-cooled liquids.  The DSW 2 can be purchased for $2,200.00 (suggested retail and government) - (SMSgt Young)


Renfert recently made improvements to the Waxlectric I & II, electric waxers, that are suitable for use in the dental laboratory. The Waxlectric I & II help wax1simplify waxing prosthetic appliances with an even distribution of heat to the instrument tip. The manufacturer states that the Waxlectric I & II save time because separate heating of the instrument and material is no longer required.  The unit is designed to save three temperature settings per channel for quick and easy access with the control panel displaying the selected program immediately.  The unit is equipped with a detachable handpiece holder and six separate waxing tips holders. The electric waxers temperature range is 122 °F to 392 °F and operates on 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.  Items included: control unit, holders for the Waxlectric handpiece and 6 tips. The Waxlectric I has one instrument handle, while the Waxlectric II has two instrument handles with two separate control displays. The Waxlectric I is available for $317.87 (suggested retail) and $253.98 (government). The Waxlectric II is available for $347.20 (suggested retail) and $279.72 (government) - (SMSgt Young)

{short description of image}Masel Orthodontics recently introduced the Dust-Inn 2000, a compact, lightweight dust collector. The manufacturer states the unit is fitted with a quiet and efficient fan extractor system. The discarded particles are collected beneath the perforated work table for convenient disposal. The Dust-Inn 2000 is ergonomically designed for operators comfort and is equipped with a clear plastic spherical dome for all around visibility. Replacement parts include the Vision-Dome and filter. This unit operates on 110/220 VAC and is supplied with two filters. The Dust-Inn 2000 can be purchased for $219.99 (suggested retail) - (MSgt Young)

{short description of image}Great Lakes Orthodontics Ltd. recently introduced the Great Lakes Fume Controller & Trimming Station, a dual purpose unit that operates as a fume controller or a trimming station. The manufacturer states that when the unit operates as a trimming station, an adjustable chute is engaged that allows the operator to use the suction at a comfortable distance. When used to control fumes, the unit controls fumes to levels below the OSHA limit of 100 ppm. Features include a self-contained suction unit and a clear safety glass top with a hinge for easy cleaning and access. The Fume Controller & Trimming Station is available for $699.00 (suggested retail) - (MSgt Young)

{short description of image}Amann Girrbach recently introduced the Steamer X3, a steam cleaner manufactured for use in the dental laboratory. The steam cleaner is designed to clean a variety of items including models, dies, metallic structures, ceramics and plastic prosthetics. The manufacturer states that the Steamer X3 is made of aluminum to prevent rusting and has an ergonomic handle attached to the side of the unit for ease of use. The steam cleaner is equipped with a water filler neck that is used to refill the unit and eliminates the need for a funnel. The Steamer X3 features include a 3.9 quart tank, an indicator lamp (green- "device ready for use", red- "heating in progress", orange- "minimum water level reached-turn off machine and refill"), a safety cap, and a drainage screw. The unit is designed for either tabletop or wall-mounted use and operates on 230V/50 Hz. The Steamer X3 (item #116910) sells for $1,558.90 (suggested retail) and $1,013.29 (government) - (MSgt Young)

{short description of image}Cavex recently introduced GreenClean, an alginate remover. The manufacturer states that the alginate remover dissolves hardened alginate and plaster residues by breaking down the organic matrix. After a 15 to 30 minute immersion, impression trays, spatulas and bowls rinse clean without scraping or scouring. GreenClean is reportedly pH-neutral, biodegradable and user-friendly with a light citrus scent. Cavex GreenClean is available for $24.99 (suggested retail) - (MSgt Young)

{short description of image}Bosworth Company offers Fastray LC™, a light-cured custom tray material that is supplied in pre-formed sheets. The manufacturer states that the light cured custom tray material is firm, distortion free, and odorless. Fastray LC reportedly works well on patients allergic to methacrylate and is compatible with a variety of light curing machine. It is supplied in a standard kit of 50 sheets per box and in three colors (blue, pink, and white). Fastray LC™ is available from Bosworth Company for $93.60 (suggested retail) and $57.20 (government) - (MSgt Young)

{short description of image}Whip Mix Corporation recently introduced LeanRock and LeanRock XL5, high strength die stones that are suitable for pouring up to 6 full arches in 15 minutes. Working/setting times range from 4-5 minutes and 5-7 minutes respectively. The manufacturer states that LeanRock is a scannable stone that is suitable for use with Cad Cam systems and it eliminates the need for a specialty scan stone or spray. LeanRock is a Type 4 stone with an expansion of 0.08%. LeanRock XL5 is a Type 5 stone with an expansion of 0.20% and reported to have increased abrasion resistance. Both stones are supplied in ivory color for clear margin identification and distributed in 51 pound (25 kg) carton. LeanRock (item #31307) and LeanRock XL5 (item #31315) can be purchased for $92.30 (suggested retail) and $83.69 (government) - (MSgt Young)

Mechanix control panelThe Hot Spot 110 is a new sintering furnace by Zircar Zirconia, Inc. According to the manufacturer, the Hot Spot 110 is the only sintering furnace designed for continuous use at 1,700°C and engineered to withstand temperatures well above the 1,530°C peak sintering temperature of Zirconia copings. The Hot Spot 110 comes in either 110 V or 220 V and has a programmable temperature controller. The oven purportedly does not require any special setting surface and has a standard cooling fan that keeps the furnace shell cool to protect the user of any potential burns. It has a two-year warranty for all components except the heating element. The Zircar Zirconia Hot Spot 110 can be purchased for $7,877.00 retail/government - (MSgt Williams)

Renfert recently introduced the Magma, a burnout oven that is suitable for use in {short description of image}the dental laboratory. The Magma burns out wax and plastic patterns while preparing the investment for casting. The burnout oven is equipped with 99 programmable stages and one additional speed program. The unit has a controlled heat-up rate from 0 to 9ºC per minute and a maximum temperature of 1100°C. The oven is designed to distribute heat from all four sides that is monitored by a temperature sensor. The unit displays the casting times using LCD lighting and operates on 230V. Accessories include a high-performance catalyst converter that is used to filter the escaping air and help eliminate unpleasant odors that may occur during the burnout process. The Magma burnout oven can be purchased for $2,204.07 (suggested retail) and $1,624.05 (government) - (MSgt Young)

{short description of image}Renfert recently introduced the Vibrax, a vibrator that is suitable for use in the dental laboratory. The Vibrax vibrator helps eliminate air bubbles while pouring impressions, casting ring investments, {short description of image}and duplicating molds. The vibrator is equipped with two different types of vibrations (strong and weak) and a four stage adjustment setting. The unit has a rubber mat with two different degrees of hardness. The manufacturer states the edge of the vibrator platform has a softer material to prevent impression trays from "jumping" while the center of the unit has a harder surface to aid in flow of investment or gypsum materials into casting rings or molds. An optional swiveling vibrating ball is available for the positioning of impression trays and casting rings when special care is needed. The Vibrax can be purchased for $486.00 (suggested retail) and $357.33 (government). The optional swiveling vibrating ball can be purchased for $84.74 (suggested retail) and $57.87 (government) - (MSgt Young)

Mechanix control panelMechanix handpieceThe Mechanix is a new electric handpiece from the Benco Dental Corporation. Its built-in microprocessor control is said to ensure constant performance, and its brushless design purportedly allows for quiet and comfortable operation. The control unit has an LED information display, variable speed control from 0–40,000 RPM, and a memory repeat function. The handpiece is sealed, ergonomically designed, and said to be maintenance-free. It comes with a foot control and has a one-year warranty. The Mechanix handpiece is available for $929.99 (suggested retail) and $845.59 (government) - (MSgt Williams)

KDF Master Accel-23 porcelain furnaceKDF U.S., Inc. has introduced the KDF Master Accel-23, a porcelain furnace that is suitable for firing low-fusing dental ceramics. The furnace is capable of processing three separate cases consecutively without user intervention. Three independent platforms rotate through the muffle to heat and cool each restoration as it completes the programmed cycles. The manufacturer claims that the rotating robot arm system is vibration free and permits ceramists to concentrate completely on the porcelain build-up as each tray fires in turn. The Accel-23 uses a vacuum pump and operates on 120, 220, and 230V. The unit can be manually set for up to 100 "firing" programs. Standard accessories include a firing tray kit, ceramic tray and stand, and instruction manual. An optional feature is an attachable printer to record information on casting parameters, date of casting, and laboratory name. The KDF Master Accel-23 can be purchased for $4,800.00 (suggested retail) and $4,320.00 (government)- (MSgt Young)

BiostarGreat Lakes Orthodontics Ltd. recently introduced a new version of the Biostar, a positive pressure thermal forming machine that is designed to fabricate a variety of hard and soft dental appliances. Great Lakes claims that the new Biostar unit has additional features including: advanced thermostatic infrared heating technology; an extra deep model cup for embedding mounted models; 90 psi positive pressure; and a large display panel. Biostar is available for $3,300.00 (suggested retail)- (MSgt Young)

{short description of image}Dentsply Raintree Essix recently introduced the Essix Vacuum Thermoforming Machine, an electric vacuum former used to heat any thermoforming material. The manufacturer states that the vacuum former incorporates heating elements that disperse heat evenly over any thermoforming material. The machine is equipped with a dial timer that prevents overheating and an automatic shut off. Additional items include two vacuum maximizer gaskets, one for full arch and one for cuspid to cuspid casts that concentrate suction directly around the cast by covering the outer holes on the table. The Essix Vacuum Thermoforming Machine operates on 110/220V and has a five year warranty. The Essix Vacuum Thermoforming Machine (Item # EVM01) is available from Dentsply Raintree Essix for $379.95 (suggested retail) - (MSgt Young)

OccluformErkoform RVE Glidewell Laboratories has introduced the Erkoform RVE™, a thermoforming machine used in the fabrication of hard, soft, and combined hard/soft bite splints, nightguards, bleaching trays, and single- or multiple- layered mouthguards. Glidewell states the Erkoform RVE has a self-contained thermoforming system that eliminates the need for compressed air. The machine is equipped with a vacuum pump and a pre-charge feature that aids in the adaptation of the mold material. Glidewell supplies steel granules for the thermoforming chamber to eliminate the need for model trimming. An additional feature is the Occluform, an attachment used to maintain or alter the interocclusal distance between casts when making hard/soft splints. The Erkoform RVE sells without the Occluform for $1,299.00 (retail) and for $1,789.00 (retail) with the Occluform. Call for government pricing. - (MSgt Young)

Ergopress ES-200EGlidewell Laboratories recently introduced the Erkopress™ ES-200E, a thermoforming machine that uses heat and compressed air to mold thermoformed materials. Glidewell recommends the ES-200E for individuals who are familiar with and prefer using press-type thermoforming for orthodontic appliances with acrylic glued metal components and for applications that require perforated plastic spacers. The machine is equipped with an interfaced timer and requires an air connection of from 87 to 145 PSI. Included with the machine are a flask, a disc material samples kit, and steel filling granules. The Erkopress ES-200E sells for $2,349.00 (retail) - (MSgt Young)

New Infection Control Products

Le soothe™ latex exam glovesDental EZ recently introduced SlugBuster™, a RAMVAC® brand of dental vacuum line cleaner, which is reportedly formulated specially for the dental industry and CustomAir and RAMVAC vacuum lines. DentalEZ claims that the formula contains chelators, which help hold heavy metals, such as mercury, in suspension, facilitating safer discharge to waste disposal and the product is compatible with all amalgam separators. According to DentalEZ, SlugBuster™ line cleaner’s non-chlorinated 8.5 pH level and L61 wetting agents allow the cleaner to penetrate quickly. SlugBuster™ is reportedly biodegradable with a light pleasant fragrance, cleans and deodorizes vacuum hoses, drains, piping, and separators; dissolves organic debris for maximum vacuum performance; and is fast acting. SlugBuster™ is available in two easy-to-use formulations: powder and liquid - Col Harte

Le soothe latex exam glovesThe Patient Safety Mask with Shield from Crosstex International is reportedly the first mask made specifically to protect your patients. According to Crosstex, the new patented disposable patient safety mask with shield protects the patient’s eyes and nose from airborne dental spray, spatter, dust and particles. Patients can see clearly and you can see their eyes. The Patient Safety Mask with Shield is reportedly non-latex, non-allergenic and non-irritating. The Patient Safety Mask with Shield is available in boxes of 25 for $18.99 (suggested retail) and $14.81 (government) - (Col Harte)

All-Wipe™ foam instrument cleaning pads from AllPro, Inc. reportedly provide a way to clean instruments without using 2 x 2 gauze or the patient bib. According to AllPro, the soft foam pads measure 1 ½” x 1 ½", have a piece of double-sided tape on the back and grooves or slots on the top. AllPro suggests placing the All-Wipe™ foam pad on the bracket tray, the mirror handle, or any other convenient location. When an instrument becomes covered with debris, it can be run through the pad’s slots to catch the debris in the foam pad. Fifty All-Wipe™ adhesive backed foam pads are available for $10.35 (suggested retail/government) (Col Harte)

Metrex recently announced that the contact times for CaviCide®, an intermediate-level surface disinfectant/decontaminant cleaner, have been reduced. CaviCide® is reportedly now effective against TB in three minutes and against HBV and HCV in two minutes. According to Metrex, CaviCide® is safe for use on non-porous surfaces in laboratories, operating rooms, isolation rooms and dental operatories. One case of twelve 24-ounce spray bottles (item number 13-1024) is available for $98.90 (government) (Col Harte)

Clorox® Anywhere™ Hand Sanitizing Spray from Bosworth Company is a hospital-grade hand sanitizer containing 71% ethyl alcohol reported to kill greater than 99.999% of germs within 15 seconds. Bosworth also claims that Clorox® Anywhere™ reduces bacteria, viruses and fungi on the skin that could cause disease. According to Bosworth, Clorox® Anywhere™ is an unscented solution that will also moisturize hands without leaving them sticky or greasy like gels and lotions can. Clorox® Anywhere™ is available in three convenient sizes: 2.0 oz. Spray, 16.9 oz. Spray, and 33.8 oz. Spray with Dispenser. Clorox® Anywhere™ Hand Sanitizing Spray refills can be purchased separately. - (Col Harte)

The ProBarrier™ disposa chain™ is a disposable bib chain available from Certol International, LLC. The disposable non-latex bib chain is designed to replace metal bib chains and clips and to help prevent cross contamination. According to Certol, the disposable bib chain eliminates the labor and material costs associated with sterilizing or replacing metal chains that can be accidentally thrown away. The ProBarrier™ disposa chain™ is available by the case (10 boxes/case with 300 chains per box) for $136.50 (suggested retail) and $82.00 (government) - (Col Harte)

ProE-Vac™ is a concentrated, non-foaming liquid evacuation system cleaner available from Certol International, LLC. According to Certol, ProE-Vac™ is a multi-action formula that cleans and deodorizes the entire evacuation system and its superior surfactant does not leave a film or residue. The handy unit dose size makes mixing to the correct dilution easy. Diluting one unit dose pack with one quart of water reportedly treats one dental unit (2-3 evacuation lines). Certol claims that the low pH ensures complete penetration through soil and is gentle to the evacuation system and its components. ProE-Vac™ is available in convenient one ounce unit dose tubes or an economical gallon with a one 1-ounce pump - (Col Harte)

Verify Bowie Dick test PackThe Dentronix DDS 7000 Dry Heat Sterilizer has a 12 ½ " W x 9" D x 6" H chamber and reportedly has a capacity of 36 pliers plus 16 hand instruments. Features include an operating temperature of 375° to 410°F (190°C to 210°C); a cycle time of approximately 43 to 49 minutes (depending on load size) including cool down times; a new HEPA Filter System that provides purified air during cool down; and a new light emitting diode (LED) diagnostic system that tells you if your unit is not functioning properly. The manufacturer claims that the DDS 7000 Dry Heat Sterilizer eliminates water damage to instruments, keeps instruments sharp longer, and the exterior of the unit is always safe to touch. The power requirements are 20A/115V (10A/230V). The DDS 7000 Dry Heat Sterilizer, including an accessory kit, is available for $3,495.00 (suggested retail) and $3,145.50 (government). The accessory kit contains 4 vertical racks,1 Spore Strip Holder DSSH-1, 1 MPUS Plus 8 oz bottle, 1 receptacle 20 amp, 1 spore test sample, and 1 silicone lubricant - (Col Harte)

SURFLETS Disnfectant TabletsSultan Healthcare recently introduced SOAPLETS™ Antibacterial Foaming Soap Tablets that reportedly have a broad spectrum activity and a pleasant fresh lemon fragrance. According to Sultan Healthcare there is no need to pre-wet hands, the foaming consistency removes dirt and oils easily and effectively and SOAPLETS™ contain natural jojoba oil to moisturize skin, without harming latex gloves. Sultan Healthcare claims that the unique blister packaging of the tablets makes dispensing safe and easy while saving valuable storage space-two tablets make 17 oz (500 mL). One case of SOAPLETS™ (12 boxes of 12 tablets/box) is available for $540.00 (suggested retail) and $324.00 (government) - (Col Harte)

Verify Bowie Dick test PackThe Verify® Bowie Dick Test Pack from Steris Corporation is an air removal test designed to monitor performance changes in air removal and steam quality in prevacuum steam sterilizers. According to Steris, the Verify® Bowie Dick Test Pack consists of a series of steam penetration (air removal) barriers with a chemical indicator sheet in the center. The indicator sheet may be stored as a permanent record of the test. The Verify® Bowie Dick Test Pack is reportedly equivalent to the AAMI Bowie-Dick Test Pack. Steris claims that the test uses the latest in indicator ink technology-the thermochromic ink formulation can detect problems with steam quality-and the product does not contain lead or other heavy metals. A box of 20 Verify® Bowie Dick Test Packs is available for $90.00 (suggested retail) and $53.82 (government) - (Col Harte)

SURFLETS Disnfectant TabletsSultan Healthcare recently introduced SURFLETS™ Disinfectant Tablets. According to Sultan Healthcare, SURFLETS™ disinfects hard non-porous surfaces and impression materials such as vinyl polysiloxane, polysulfide, and silicone. SURFLETS™ reportedly can also be used as an instrument presoak and in an ultrasonic cleaner to disinfect instruments before heat sterilization. Sultan Healthcare claims that their product provides hospital grade, intermediate-level disinfection in five minutes and is effective against: Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and 2, Polio Virus 1 and 2, Influenza A2, HIV-1 (AIDS Virus), and Canine Parvovirus. The neutral pH, bromine-based formula reportedly will not corrode surfaces including chairs or metal instruments. Sultan Healthcare claims that the unique blister packaging of the tablets makes dispensing safe and easy while saving valuable storage space—just add two tablets (A & B) to a 32 oz bottle and add water (solution remains effective for seven days after initial dilution). One case of SURFLETS™ (12 boxes/16 sets of tablets each) is available for $720.00 (suggested retail) and $432.00 (government)- (Col Harte)

BluTabBluTab™, from Confirm Monitoring, is a waterline maintenance tablet that is reportedly specially formulated to be continuously present in your waterlines and to keep lines clean. An effervescing tablet is added to a self-contained water bottle each time it is refilled. According to Confirm Monitoring, weekly shock treatments and purging waterlines at the end of the work day are not necessary because BluTab™ is effective for 28 days. Confirm Monitoring reports that each tablet contains a super low concentration of non-toxic ingredients that maintain your system and that are safe for patients, staff, and equipment. BluTab™ is reportedly odorless and tasteless. Confirm Monitoring claims that testing has shown there is no statistical difference between bond strengths of enamel or dentin samples when using distilled water or water treated with BluTab™. Additionally, Confirm Monitoring recommends that this product be used in conjunction with maintenance procedures recommended by the equipment manufacturer and routine monitoring to ensure that the water used in dental waterlines remains within recommended standards. BluTab™ Waterline Maintenance Tablets (50 tablets/box) are available for $27.95 (suggested retail). Contact your local dental supplier for government pricing - (Col Harte)

optimSciCan recently introduced OPTIM® 33TB, an intermediate-level surface cleaner and disinfectant. SciCan reports that the active ingredient–0.5% Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP)–is a synergistic blend of commonly used, safe ingredients that when combined with low levels of hydrogen peroxide, produces exceptional potency as a germicide and performance as a cleaner. According to SciCan, the product has the following benefits: does not dry or crack surfaces; does not evaporate quickly like alcohol-based formulas; and cleans and disinfects using one product. OPTIM® 33TB is reportedly environmentally friendly, non-toxic and does not have any precautionary warnings on the label. Additionally, SciCan claims that OPTIM® 33TB will not irritate eyes, skin or lungs; does not have any noxious fumes; is non-flammable; does not require waste treatment; and is biodegradable. SciCan reports that OPTIM® 33TB has a one minute virucidal claim against non-enveloped and enveloped viruses; a one minute bactericidal claim; a five minute tuberculocidal claim; and a 10 minute fungicidal claim. - (Lt Col Harte)

SporeCheckSporeCheck™ from Hu-Friedy is an in-office biological monitoring (i.e., spore test) system that provides results in 24 hours. Hu-Friedy claims the following: the SporeCheck™ system is easy to use; one biological indicator vial works for ALL types of steam sterilizers, including gravity, prevacuum, and flash sterilization; test results are easy to interpret with a visible color change for positive results; and the biological indicator vials are self-contained. (Lt Col Harte)

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