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New Products

  • Single Dose Desensitizer

  • Coldpac Tooth Acrylic

  • Standard Operating Procedures For All Dentists

  • HDX Intraoral X-ray

  • Needle Capper

  • PANplan - Implant Planning Software

  • Panoramic and Tomagraphic Imaging System

  • SoftSkin Gloves with Aloe Vera

  • Swiveling Articulated Handpiece
  • Herbal Oral Rinse

  • LifeTimeLube Cartridges
  • Anesthetic Delivery System

  • Disc Guard

  • Prophy Star Hygiene Handpiece

  • Air Abrasion Resistant Intraoral Mirror

  • Ortho Welder

  • new intruments for root canal shaping

  • Coldpac Tooth Acrylic

  • Hurricaine Topical Anesthetics

  • Porcelain Veneer Set

  • New Veneer System
  • Dental Auxiliary Utilization

  • 1) Prevention Mouth Rinse Prevention Periodontal Mouth Rinse, the only non-prescription, second generation oral rinse provides effective pathogenic bacterial control without altering the normal bacterial balance in the mouth for the Special Needs Patient. -- Prevention Mouth Rinse, Raleigh, IL. 3) Coldpac Tooth Acrylic Coldpac Tooth Acrylic properties allow the creation of tooth surfaces that are both esthetically attractive and functionally durable. Available in convenient kits as well as individual Nu-Hue and Vita Shades. -- Motloid Company, Chicago, IL. 4) Standard Operating Procedures For All Dentists Marsha Freeman's widely-acclaimed SOPs manual, now in its fourth (2000) edition, provides a 487-page, 256-SOP model manual which can be quickly adapted to your practice's needs and style. -- Dental Communication Unlimited, Santa Maria, CA. 5) HDX Intraoral X-ray The HDX Intraoral X-ray allows you to get better images with lower radiation exposure. It uses constant emission power (CEPTM) for greater operatory efficiency. -- DentalEZ Group, Malvern, PA. 6) Needle Capper Needle Capper is available in two sizes: Standard for x-short, short needles or Long for blood-draw, long needles. -- Zirc Dental Products Inc., Buffalo, MN. 7) PANplan - Implant Planning SoftwareWith PANplan you can virtually perform dental implants, extractions, bonegrafts, and restorations with just a few simple mouse clicks. -- Imaging Sciences International, Hatfield, PA.

    8) Panoramic and Tomagraphic Imaging System The Panorex CMT is a state of the art panoramic and tomographic Imaging System providing complex motion tomographic capability for implant and TM joint imaging. -- Imaging Sciences International, Hatfield, PA. 9) SoftSkin Gloves with Aloe Vera Aloe Vera coated SoftSkin gloves contain less than 50 micrograms of total water extractable protein per gram. Textured fingers allow superior gripping even when wet. -- Quantum Labs Inc., Minneapolis, MN. 10) Swiveling Articulated Handpiece Our unique articulated handpiece gives the clinician an extended range of nozzle angulation permitting him to move the nozzle connector through a total 30 degrees of arc without loosening a collar or in anyway having to connect or unscrew a fitting. -- Crystalmark Dental Systems, Glendale, CA. 11) Herbal Oral Rinse Herbal Mouth and Gum Therapy antimicrobial mouthrinse is made from herbal extracts with healing properties to fight plaque, soothe oral irritations, kill germs, and reduce and prevent swollen gums. -- The Natural Dentist, Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 14)Anesthetic Delivery System The Wand is an anaesthetic delivery system for dentists, using a computer controlled local anaesthetic delivery system. It consists of a sterile disposable hand piece component and a computer control unit. -- Istrodent, Marlboro, Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa. 15) Disc Guard Disc Guard protects your patients' cheeks, lips & gums during interproximal reduction and comes complete with sheath, mandrel & 3 interchangeable heads to fit diamond discs 5/8', 3/4', & 7/8' sizes. -- Summit Orthodontic Services, Inc., Munroe Falls, OH. 16) Prophy Star Hygiene Handpiece The Prophy Star Hygiene Handpiece is designed to be maneuverable, with its 360 Quick Connect Swivel located at the rear of the handpiece to eliminate interference with tubing and/or handpiece rotation. -- StarDental, Lancaster, PA. 17) Air Abrasion Resistant Intraoral Mirror The mirror has been designed to withstand the indirect blasts of abrasive powder that are part and parcel of air abrasion dentistry. The mirrors come gold plated for ease of identification by your staff and fit the standard #5 cone socket handle. -- Crystalmark Dental Systems, Glendale, CA. 18) Ortho Welder The Ortho Welder is suitable for ortho labs and offices, commercial labs, and any lab wanting instant results. -- Yates & Bird, Chicago, IL. 19) Coldpac Tooth Acrylic The perfect Temporary Crown and Bridge Material. For true tooth shades on veneers, jacket crowns and bridges, both dentists and laboratories have found this grade ideal. -- Motloid Company, Chicago, IL. Ultradent has recently introduced in the Market new intruments for root canal shaping. They are part of endodontic system called ENDO EZE. They presented instruments at last Chicago MidWinter Dental Meeting. The instruments are divided in two different groups a group for the shaping of coronal and medium thirds called SHAPING FILES and another groups for the Shaping of the apical canal segments (the last 2-3 mm from Rx Apex, considered by the instruments' inventor, Dr. Francesco Riitano). 20) Hurricaine Topical Anesthetics Hurricaine topical anesthetics provide fast, temporary relief of oral pain. -- Beutlich L.P. Pharmaceuticals, Waukegan, IL. 21) Porcelain Veneer Set One of the most popular techniques in dentistry today is the etched porcelain veneer procedure. Lasco, working with several leading clinicians, has designed a set of burs specifically for this purpose. -- Lasco Diamond Products, Chatsworth, CA. 22) 3M ESPE Introduces the RelyX(TM) Veneer Cement System 3M ESPE introduces a veneer cement system with a customer-preferred delivery and color match system that's easy to use and easy to choose. 3M(TM) ESPE(TM) RelyX(TM) Veneer Cement provides simple and efficient bonding of porcelain, composite, and ceramic veneers. For more, visit here... 23) LifeTimeLube Cartridges Dynamic Perfection LifeTimeLube cartridges fit in most Midwest handpiece models. These revolutionary new cartridges require no cleaner or lubricant, thus reducing overall cost, downtime, and risk of lubricant expulsion onto the tooth. -- Score International Inc., Sanford, FL. For more, visit here... 24) Dental Auxiliary Utilization The Dental Auxiliary Utilization (DAU) is part of the AXCS Dental Practice System cabinetry line. The system is designed to virtually eliminate the ergonomic issues that produce stress and fatigue in the operatory. -- DentalEZ Group, Corporate Office, Malvern, PA.For more, visit here...

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