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New Dental Products

DENTSPLY Tulsa launches ProMark Endodontic Motor - Sep 1, 2011

ProMark Endodontic MotorTULSA, Oklahoma--DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties
has announced the availability of a new piece of  equipment for dental professionals, the ProMark Endodontic Motor.

The ProMark is built upon a tradition of performance and reliability, and is a versatile and complete
endodontic motor for rotary and reciprocation. The brushless motor delivers ample power and consistency
of full A/C mains power. It’s also compatible with a variety of e-type handpieces.

The ProMark is preloaded with the library of Tulsa Dental Specialties’ rotary and reciprocation settings,
and is fully programmable for individual preferences. It can also be updated with future endodontic
innovations for a longer return on investment.

Other features include:

* Modern motor system
* Delivers smooth reciprocation
* Vivid 3-row LCD display
* Integrated rotary and reciprocation file series library
* Auto-sensing global voltage compatibility (110/220 V)
* Well-weighted foot pedal with 360° activation
* Preset options allow five single file, file series, or custom file series
* Upgradable software and file library
* Handpiece calibration
* Auto-Stop/Reverse/Forward in rotary mode
* Powerful 30,000 RPM brushless motor can be autoclaved
* With recommended 8:1 handpiece (sold separately)
* Speed Settings: 50 to 3,600 RPM in rotary mode
* Torque Settings: 30 to 1000 g-cm
* Capable of 150,000 RPM operation with 1:5 increaser handpiece
* Compatible with a broad range of e-type handpieces (1:1, 8:1,16:1, 1:5)

The innovative techniques of the Doctor Smile laser have made fear of dentists a thing of the past!

Doctor Smile LaserThe Doctor Smile laser works in full respect of the tissue present in the oral cavity, therefore it is
precise, safe, efficient, and in the majority of cases painless. Using a laser reduces the possible need
of anaesthetic, sutures and pharmaceuticals when carrying out surgical and therapeutic interventions.
A fast recovery therefore, which avoids unpleasant post-operative complications.

Laser treatment can be used to treat multiple pathologies such as gum care, the removal of tooth decay,
desensitisation, whitening, surgery and aesthetics.  The laser can be used for an incredible number of
applications that work alongside, and in many cases replace, traditional techniques and therapeutic
protocols. Doctor Smile offers several kind of laser for hard and soft tissue and in particular:

The Doctor Smile Simpler 8 Watt diode laser with built-in NAVIGATION GUIDE which will carefully escort
the doctor to perform a lot of operations with greater In Surgery, the T.O.P. - Tissue Optimized Pulsing
configuration, the doctor can easily control the Simpler laser beam for the three soft tissue biotype:
Fibrous, Normal and Granulation. TOP optimizes cutting and coagulation with a bloodless, painless and
quicker healing operations. Simpler laser is an indispensable tool in the daily routine of dental practice.

Cotton dental rollsCotton dental rolls
from Ansu Meditech, Gujarat , India
Standard size  8 mm dia , 37mm length
Made on 100% imported automatic plant
for the first time in India
Excellent absorbency, less irritability
to the patient's oral mucoasa
Consistent and unmatched quality
CE approved, Cotton British Pharmacopoeia approved
Competitively priced and exported to developed countries

Saddle contoured Metal MatricesSaddle contoured Metal Matrices
Autoclavable Freedom from wedges
Three lengths ( small, medium, large)
Anatomically free shaped
Provide perfect approximal form and contact
Made from stainless steel
Easy to use, excellent results and cost effective
Available packs
Started pack; 6 small, 6 medium and 6 large matrices + 1 spring clip
Refills:  12 packs per box per size
Wanted dealers Distributor: Unistar Corporation A-8 Balaji Park, Near Lad Society, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, 380015 Phone 91-79-26751661 Mobile +91 94264 15533 Email:

Bioscaff Alvelac
Preserve tooth sockets naturally

Why have a resorbed ridge and resort to lengthy bone grafting procedures for your patients, when you can preserve
the ridge with good bone density with BioscaffTMAlvelacTM?

BioscaffTM AlvelacTM :

a) Uniquely designed with rigid structure and predefined macro channels and micro porosity that facilitate maximum
   blood clot in the socket while providing good support for the socket walls.
b) Being porous, it has maximum surface to hold and support the socket blood clot.
c) Its rigidity gives it the ability to support the socket walls and protect the blood clot inside the socket.
d) Rigid platform for preparing the patient for future tooth restoration.
e) Made of synthetic FDA approved polymers. It eliminates concerns of cross contamination and designed for ease of use.

BioscaffTM AlvelacTM plays a critical role in maintaining patients’ facial aesthetics.
With insufficient bone quantity and quality, dental prosthesis will not have solid foundation to firmly anchor on.
This would lead to poorly fitted dental prosthesis and patients eventually losing their confidence to smile again.
Why let patients lose a great asset after an extraction? Let  BioscaffTM AlvelacTM preserve your patients’ jaw bone and restore their beautiful smile.
BioscaffTM AlvelacTM is backed by FDA 510K, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications. Official CE certification to be awarded shortly.
Please visit or send an email to for more information.

The GI restorative with no measuring, triturating or mess. FI restorativeThe new Quick Mix Capsule designed to mix the two pastes inside saves time, steps and improves overall mixing. Fewer voids Fewer capsule failures* Faster treatment Plus, Ketac Nano Light-Curing Glass Ionomer Restorative is built on 3M ESPE's nanotechnology so you get great esthetics, low wear and superb polish. Now in our innovative Quick Mix Capsule. HygienePro Ultrasonic Scaler - Brasseler USA HygienePro Ultrasonic ScalerFeaturing ergonomic grip designs in hard and soft styles, HygienePro Ultrasonic Scaler Inserts have textured non-slip surfaces for enhanced comfort and reduced hand fatigue. A variety of tip styles are available in 25K and 30K frequencies, and they are compatible with all magnetostrictive devices. A proprietary laminate solder joint reportedly provides durability along with consistent spray and uniform vibration. LOCATOR Retrofit - Zest Anchors LLC Locator retrofitWhen a cemented ERA® root post or cast ERA attachment cannot be removed without damaging the supporting structure, the LOCATOR® Retrofit for ERA Root Attachment can be cemented over the top of the ERA to essentially create a new attachment in the operatory. It features a self-aligning denture component said to aid patients in seating prostheses, while providing dual retention for long-lasting performance. Xcision RoBa - Miltex Inc. Xcision RoBa Designed to allow subgingival access to the root while removing a tooth, the Miltex® Xcision RoBa extracting forceps feature a lightweight, ergonomic handle and wear resistant disc. The beaks are anatomically shaped, tapered, serrated and notched to enable them to penetrate deeper into the tooth socket, maximizing tooth-to-forceps contact. The notched beaks reportedly provide an enhanced grip that assists in atraumatic extractions. New GUM(R) PerioBalance(R) Daily, Dental Probiotic Clinically Shown To Improve Gum Health In 28 Days- 9th June 2010 Over 50 percent of Americans state they have moderate stress levels caused by balancing the demands of busy families and careers.* However, many are unaware that stressful living, illness, poor diet or inadequate oral hygiene can disrupt your oral balance and allow bad bacteria to thrive causing plaque buildup, poor gum health and bad breath. A balanced oral environment is essential for healthy teeth and gums, just as it is for overall wellness. New GUM® PerioBalance®, a mint-flavored, daily, dental probiotic lozenge is one of the first probiotics specifically created for oral health. It helps to easily achieve a balanced oral environment, providing healthier teeth and gums in just 28 days.....More...... Sirona dental digitizer makes cavities look better than ever Delcam Releases DentCAD For Dental Design Delcam has launched DentCAD, a new computer-aided design program for the dental industry. DentCAD brings to the industry the benefits of speed and accuracy given by CAD software in many other sectors. Simple and speedy impressions Until recently, alginate has been the only viable option for certain dental impressions. The fast setting times, mild flavours and low cost have long been attractive qualities of alginate. But there are considerable downsides. These include poor dimensional stability, hazardous dust, messy, repetitive hand mixing, and above all, a lot of wasted time. Now, there's a better way AlgiNot from Kerr. AlgiNot is an extremely cost-effective, reliable alternative. It is a high-quality material that delivers exceptional accuracy and performance. Presented in self-mixing sausage cartridges AlgiNot is revolutionary. It is simple to use and saves the dental assistant a tremendous amount of time and energy, giving your practice the opportunity to accommodate more patients.


Master Classic Motor (4-hole), - MTI dental products
Self Lubricating - never needs lubricating
Wear Resistant - longer lasting than ever
Higher Torque & Smother Operation
Fits all E-type Attachments
20,000 RPM - Forward & Reverse 

Cosmedent Cosmedent introduces Complete, an advanced bonding adhesive for all of your bonding needs. As an advanced system, Complete can be used for all light-cure, dual-cure and self-cure restorations. Cosmedent’s Complete does not employ self-etching primers, which have proven to be less effective than the acid etch technique.
Complete maximizes bond strength, is easy to use in all situations, has minimal film thickness and virtually zero sensitivity. The instruction manual provides clearly written details for all bonding applications.
The components of the Complete Kit are a light-cure primer/unfilled resin, a dual-cure catalyst, and a light-cure unfilled resin.

siropure mini

SIROPure mini, - Sirona dental systems
Very small head

For optimum view and accessability even in small mouths

Optimum access to the molars
Ideally for children´s treatment
Perfect view to the cavity
Easier access to the preparation point
Single spray , Excellent cooling

Peristar light Perioptix recently introduced the PeriStar portable headlight system. The company claims that this headlight has significant improvements over the PeriLUX headlight system previously evaluated by DECS. The light source is a light-emitting diode (LED) that purportedly has a maximum lamp illumination of 38,000 lux at 14 inches. The light weighs 0.7 ounces and can either be mounted on magnification loupes or on the company's Freedom Headband. The system includes a battery charger and uses lithium-ion batteries with a listed operating time of 4 ½ hours. Two batteries are supplied, and the battery life is purportedly about 500 charge cycles. The PeriStar™ portable headlight system has a one-year warranty and is available for $795.00 (suggested retail) and $641.60 (government). Additional lithium- ion batteries can be purchased separately for $60.00 (suggested retail) and $45.11 (government) - (Col Miniotis)

piezosurgery PIEZOSURGERY, Inc. recently introduced the Piezosurgery dental unit. The manufacturer states that the device is intended for a wide variety of osseous surgical procedures, including tooth extraction, sinus lift/augmentation, osteotomy, osteoplasty, ridge expansion, bone block harvesting, crown lengthening, and periodontal resective and regenerative surgery. The unit uses high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations (24-29.5 kHz) to cut osseous tissue while safely avoiding damage to soft tissues within the operative field. The system allows for the use of sterile irrigating solutions, as the tubing and handpieces are fully autoclavable. The Piezosurgery unit has one handpiece attachment. The unit is operated using an interactive keyboard with a digital display and multiple programmable settings; settings include four different power level options based on bone quality. An assortment of ultrasonic tips designed for the procedures previously mentioned are packaged as "kits" or sold separately. The individual tips range in price from $80.00-$190.00 (suggested retail). The "kits" range from $430.00-$880.00 (suggested retail). Tips are also available for scaling and root planing procedures. A Piezosurgery unit, two handpieces, handpiece holders, pole, wrenches, a surgical tray (for sterilizing the components), foot pedal, infusion tubing, and Basic Ultrasonic Tip Kits 1 and 2 are available for $14,950.00 (suggested retail). Less expensive combinations of the unit and accessories (e.g., only one handpiece, fewer ultrasonic tips) are also available. Electrical specifications are 110 or 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Government agencies receive a 25% discount off the suggested retail price on all items - (Col Warren)

piezotome ACTEON North America has introduced the Piezotome Ultrasonic Surgery Unit. The manufacturer states it is designed for osseous surgical procedures, including osteotomies, osteoplasties, ridge expansions, syndesmotomy (surgical division of a ligament), autogenous bone harvesting, and sinus lifts. The unit uses high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations (28-36 kHz) to cut osseous tissue while safely avoiding damage to soft tissues in the operative field. The system allows for the use of sterile irrigating solutions, as the tubing and handpieces are fully autoclavable. The unit has two handpiece attachments, which allow the user to connect a Piezotome (surgical) handpiece and a Suprasson Newtron handpiece to it. The Newtron handpiece can be used for scaling and root planing or endodontic instrumentation (e.g., instrument retrieval, apical surgery). Each handpiece cord receptacle automatically recognizes either type of handpiece, allowing for multiple configurations. The unit has touchpad controls which provide settings to match bone density, select mode of operation, and adjust irrigation level and ultrasonic intensity. An assortment of ultrasonic tips designed for each handpiece and procedure are packaged as "kits" or sold separately. The suggested retail price for the kits ranges from $570.00-$1,390.00 (government, $342.00-$834.00). Individual tips retail for $60.00-$235.00 (government, $36.00-$141.00). The Piezotome unit (including footswitch, bracket, two handpiece supports, five complete irrigation lines, wrenches), two sterilization boxes, the Piezotome handpiece/cord, and the Newtron handpiece/cord are available for $10,275.00 (suggested retail) and $6,165.00 (government). Multiple combinations of the handpieces, ultrasonic tip "kits," and accessories are sold as packaged equipment combinations (i.e., "packs"). Electrical specifications are 115-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz. - (Col Warren)

sootheguard1 Dentsply Rinn recently introduced the Soothe-Guard® Radiography Apron. Advertised as being the most comfortable apron ever offered by the company, it is made of a silky-smooth material said to be both relaxing and comfortable. A new collar design is purportedly contoured to fit around the neck and chin with less gapping. The apron's genuine lead lining, made with either a 0.3-mm or a 0.5-mm lead equivalency*, is said to provide 100% protection. The aprons are available in adult and child sizes, with and without collars; a Pano-Cape style and a separate Collar are also offered. The apron can be order in any of twelve different item configurations. Buyers have a choice of Yellow and Navy Blue. Pricing information is provided in the following table (Note: Information in the table is for aprons with a 0.3-mm lead equivalency). *The aprons are available in two lead equivalencies because state requirements vary. According to Dentsply Rinn, 0.3- mm is the most common requirement for a lead apron.

Sprint Ivoclar-Vivadent has introduced Multilink Sprint, a dual-curing, self-adhesive, resin-composite luting product. It is said to be indicated for the permanent cementation of indirect metal and metal-ceramic restorations, and full- coverage high-strength all-ceramic restorations. Ivoclar-Vivadent states that Multilink Sprint is not recommended for the cementation of restorations made using traditional glass-ceramic materials based on leucite or feldspathic porcelains. Multilink Sprint has a dual-cylinder syringe delivery system which mixes and places the luting material directly into the prosthesis via an auto-mix tip. The cement, which comes in three shades (transparent, yellow, and opaque white), is available in an assortment of three, nine-gram double syringes (one of each shade) for $260.28 ($150.96 government). Individual refill syringes are also available for $96.40 ($55.91 govt) each - (Col Roberts)

optrafine Ivoclar Vivadent has introduced OptraFine, a diamond-based polishing system for ceramic/porcelain materials. OptraFine is comprised of rubberized polishers in three shapes, nylon brushes, and a ceramic polishing paste that is designed for both intra- and extraoral use using low-speed handpieces. The polishers are said to be autoclavable, affording between five to ten uses depending on indication, shape, and the amount of pressure applied during use. The OptraFine Assortment (Item #601989) contains six OptraFine F (finishers), two each in shapes of flame, cup, and disc; six OptraFine P (polishers) in the same shape assortment as the finishers; six OptraFine HP (high polisher) nylon brushes; and a one-milliliter tube of OptraFine HP polishing paste. The OptraFine Assortment is available for $127.00 (suggested retail) and $54.91 (government). - Col Roberts

fuji9gp GC America has introduced Fuji IX GP Extra, an enhanced version of its condensable, high-strength conventional glass- ionomer product. Based on the same formulation as the Fuji IX GP product line, Fuji IX GP Extra contains the same liquid component but differs in having a more-reactive aluminofluorosilicate glass. GC America claims that this provides a 2.5-minute setting time, improved translucency, and six times the fluoride release. Fuji IX GP Extra is said to be indicated for caries control restorations, long-term provisional restorations, minimally invasive measures, and as a high-strength foundation for complex restorations. The GC Fuji IX GP Extra Capsule Assortment Starter Package (#439254) contains 50 capsules (10 capsules each of shades A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B3), a capsule applier, 5.7 mL of conditioner, and 5.2 mL of Fuji COAT. Refills of either single or assorted shades are also available in boxes of 50 capsules. The GC Fuji IX GP Extra Assortment Starter Package is $280.00 (suggested retail) and $167.90 (government).

peakadhesivesystem Ultradent Products, Inc. recently introduced the Peak SE Adhesive System, a self-etch, two-step adhesive consisting of Peak SE Primer and Peak LC Bond Resin. The Peak System offers the option for a self-etch and a total-etch technique. The Peak SE Primer is packaged in a unique syringe-in-syringe delivery system (JetMix) that the clinician uses to mix (i.e., activate) the self-etching primer components before use. Ultradent claims that once mixed, the primer retains its effectiveness for 30 days. To make it easy for the user to remember when the mixed primer expires, there is a space on the primer's syringe handle where the date of activation can be written. The manufacturer recommends that Peak SE Primer be used specifically with Peak LC Bond Resin when a self-etch technique is used. If the user prefers a total-etch technique, the LC Bond Resin can be used with standard phosphoric acid. The Peak LC Bond Resin is reportedly radiopaque, compatible with most high-intensity curing lights (including quartz-tungsten- halogen and light-emitting diode units), and filled to 7.5% with nanoparticles. Although Peak SE Primer has a 30-day post-activation shelf life (18 months unactivated), Peak LC Bond Resin is purported to have a shelf life of 18 months. For specific product information, please see the table (note that the Peak SE Intro Kit is used with a self- etch technique, while the Peak LC Bond Intro Kit is used with a total-etch technique). Ultradent also sells refill packages for both the Peak SE Primer and the Peak LC Bond Resin. - (Col Roberts)

temposil TempoSIL Temporary Cement (Project 05-42) (5/06)
Temposil TempoSIL is a temporary cement by Coltene/Whaledent. The addition-cured, silicon-based, zinc-oxide cement with silane reportedly provides optimal adhesion and superior marginal integrity. The company claims that TempoSIL™ can be easily removed from the margins after seating the provisional and from the preparation at the final insertion. The cement is available in a 5-mL automix syringe for direct placement into the provisional restoration.
Product Name: TempoSIL
Product Description : Temporary Cement
Manufacturer: Coltene/Whaledent

PROs + Easy to mix and dispense
+ Easy to clean-up excess cement
+ Adequate working and setting times
+ Low film thickness
CONs - Relatively lower retentive strength
DECS Rating Acceptable
BOTTOM LINE An easy to mix, dispense, and clean-up addition-silicone-based, eugenol-free, temporary cement.

Coltène/Whaledent Inc. OH

+ Easy to mix and dispense
+ Easy to clean-up excess cement from the margins
+ Easy to remove provisional at insertion appointment
+ Easy to remove residual cement from preparation and provisional
+ Adequate working and setting times
+ Excellent radiopacity
+ Low film thickness
+ Expiration date and lot number provided on syringe

- Relatively lower retentive strength

TempoSIL™ is an addition-cured, silicon-based, eugenol-free, zinc-oxide cement designed to temporarily lute provisional restorations to prepared teeth. Evaluators appreciated the ease of dispensing the cement from the auto-mix syringes. Working and setting times were found to be very acceptable. The radiopacity and film thickness of the cement was determined in laboratory studies to be excellent. Most evaluators felt that excess cement was easy to remove from the margins and that retention was adequate. One evaluator, however, had problems with retention of his provisionals. A recent laboratory study published as an abstract for the American Association of Dental Research found that TempoSIL™ had the lowest retentive strength of all temporary cements evaluated.1 All the providers found that the cement was easy to remove from the preparation before inserting the final restoration. The cement is competitively-priced relative to other syringeable temporary cements. TempoSIL™ was rated “Excellent” or “Good” overall and most evaluators (80%) would consider purchasing it for use in their clinic. TempoSIL™ Temporary Cement is rated Acceptable for use in US Air Force dental facilities.
1. Lawson N, Burgess JO, Mercante D. Crown retention and flexural strength with nine provisional cements. AADR 2006; abstract # 332. Available at Accessed May 2006.
(Col Vandewalle)

amalgam Synopsis of Dental Amalgam Alloys (Project 05-29) (6/06) This synopsis provides information obtained from the manufacturers on several commonly used dental amalgam alloys. Click here for tables (HTML version, PDF version). The alloys are listed alphabetically by company. Amalgam Although amalgam use by civilian practitioners is declining, it is still used in the majority of dental practices1 and continues to remain the most widely used direct posterior restorative material by US federal service dentists. Important considerations in the selection of an amalgam alloy are the type of amalgam and its physical properties, handling characteristics, and clinical performance over time. Strength is probably the least important characteristic because all brands marketed today are strong enough to resist the normal forces encountered in the oral cavity and easily exceed the minimum requirement by ADA specifications. The level of creep was formerly used as a predictor of the degree to which an amalgam would undergo marginal "ditching" or breakdown, however, with the advent of the high-copper amalgams, it is no longer a good discriminator. Probably the most useful characteristic to consider when selecting an alloy is the way it handles during condensation and carving. Knowing the type or composition of amalgam can be very helpful in giving you information about how it handles clinically. Based on the shape of the alloy particles, the four types of amalgam are: single-composition lathe cut (SCL), single-composition spherical (SCS), admixture of lathe-cut with spherical silver-copper eutectic particles (ALE), and admixture of lathe-cut with single-composition-spherical particles (ALSCS). The spherical amalgams are easy to condense into smaller areas (e.g., around pins, grooves, potholes) because they provide less resistance to condensation, harden rapidly, and are smoother for carving and polishing, however, they have more difficulty establishing a solid proximal contact. Admixed amalgams can be used effectively to establish acceptable proximal contacts, however, they may harden more slowly. For a text briefing on amalgam, click here (PDF). For a slide presentation, click here (PPT). DECS often receives questions concerning problems with the trituration of amalgam. It is important to mix amalgam for the appropriate amount of time and speed because it can affect the alloy’s working time, handling characteristics and clinical performance. Links to the manufacturer’s suggested trituration times, if available, are provided in the tables. For clinical tips on determining mixing time, click here. When reviewing the tables, please keep in mind that the information has been provided by the manufacturers, and not necessarily confirmed by DECS evaluation. The alloys presented are some of the more commonly used in federal dental clinics, therefore, some companies and/or amalgam alloys may not appear in the table.
1. Dental Products Report Exclusive 2005 Materials Survey to General Dentists. Dental Products Reports 2005.
(Col Vandewalle)

Vitrebond™ Plus3M EPSE has recently introduced Vitrebond™ Plus. The resin-modified glass-ionomer liner/base reportedly offers the same dentinal protection and fluoride release of the original Vitrebond™ with less mess and more convenience. Vitrebond™ Plus is dispensed from a Clicker™ Dispensing System in a pre-measured, paste-liquid formulation. The Single Pack (item number 7571) containing one 10-gm Clicker™ Dispenser and one mixing pad is available for $96.90 (retail and government)

(Col Vandewalle)

Composi-Tight® Silver PlusGarrison Dental Manufacturing recently introduced Composi-Tight® Silver Plus, a sectional-matrix system for establishing proper interproximal curvature and contact for resin composite restorations. The new system reportedly combines the separating power and resiliency of the Composi-Tight® Gold system with the interproximal adaptability and easy ring placement of the original Composi-Tight® system. Composi-Tight® Silver Plus consists of 2 sizes of G-Rings® which act to wedge the teeth apart and adapt the sectional matrix to the interproximal curvature of the tooth. The color-coded rings differ in the length of their interproximal prongs (tines). The standard tines (yellow) are for single restorations and the long tines (blue) are for three-surface (i.e., mesial-occlusal-distal) and multiple-tooth restorations. Five sizes of sectional matrixes are available: pedo - for primary teeth; small - for bicuspids and small molars; extended small - for bicuspids and small molars with subgingival extensions; standard - for most molars; and large -for deep subgingival restorations. A placement forceps is also available which reportedly provides positive ring engagement to enhance stable placement. The Composi-Tight® Silver Plus System Kit (item #CK2) comes with 4 standard rings, 3 long-tine rings, 100 small bands, 25 extended small bands, 100 standard bands, 25 large bands, and placement forceps and sells for $220.00 (retail and government). For additional information or to order, please contact Garrison Dental Systems

(Col Vandewalle)

Fuji Filling LCGC America has recently introduced Fuji Filling LC, a new light-cured, resin-reinforced, glass-ionomer restorative material. Fuji Filling LC is indicated as a liner, base, small core build-up, or as a restorative material in Classes 3 and 5 in permanent teeth and Classes 1, 3, and 5 in deciduous teeth. The new material reportedly has higher translucency, radiopacity and fluoride release compared with the original Fuji II LC. Fuji Filling LC is supplied in Paste-Pak cartridges and is available in six shades (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, CV, Blue). To improve bond strength and simplify the application, GC has also introduced Self Conditioner, a no-rinse conditioner that is specially formulated to work with resin-reinforced glass ionomers. The Starter Package comes with an 8-gm cartridge of Fuji Filling LC, a 0.3-gm bottle of Self Conditioner, Paste-Pak Dispenser, and mixing pad and sells for $174.00 (retail).

(Col Vandewalle)

PrepCheck™PrepCheck™ is a preparation-marking system from Common Sense Dental that indicates adequate tooth reduction to help create the proper thickness for various types of crown restorations. When the patient bites on the PrepCheck™ tab, occlusal contacts should be visible on the adjacent teeth. After removing the tab, areas that need to be reduced are marked with ink. PrepCheck™ (item# PC100) is available in 1-, 1.5-, or 2-mm thicknesses with fifty tabs per box and sells for $89.00 (retail) and $66.75 (government).

(Col Vandewalle)

FluoroCore® 2FluoroCore® 2 from Dentsply Caulk is a new highly filled, fluoride containing, dual-curing composite-resin core material. FluoroCore® 2 reportedly has excellent depth of cure, strength, stackable viscosity, and radiopacity. The new core material is available in dual-barreled automix syringes to simplify placement and minimize waste. The Syringe Introductory Kit (item #612400) contains two 4.75-gm syringes each of blue- and tooth-colored core material, one 2-mL bottle of Xeno® IV adhesive, one 2-mL bottle of Prime & Bond® NT adhesive, one 2-mL bottle of self-cure activator, and accessories and sells for $150.00 (retail) and $90.00 (government).

(Col Vandewalle)

Plak-CheckPlak-Check by Sunstar Butler is a stain-free plaque-disclosing system. Plaque is only visible when illuminated by a blue light after the patient is disclosed with a sodium fluorescein dye. The use of a plaque disclosant enables the patient to determine the effectiveness of their oral hygiene routine, displaying where additional brushing and flossing are needed. The dye is applied from unit-dose applicators and the plaque is illuminated with a battery-powered hand-held unit containing a blue light and mirror. Plak-Check reportedly has better acceptance than the typical red-dye disclosants, especially in adult patients. Plak-Check (item #826PS) is available as a kit that includes the blue-light unit and 72 unit-doses of dye for $39.95 (retail and government).

(Col Vandewalle)

Flor-opal Ultradent Products, Inc recently introduced Flor-Opal® Varnish a 5% sodium fluoride in a varnish carrier for application to enamel and exposed dentin for treatment of hypersensitivity, or as a cavity liner. The product is provided in 0.25 mL unit dose mixing syringes with one mL of varnish containing 50 mg of sodium fluoride in an alcohol and natural resin suspension. It is available in three flavors: mint, grape, and bubble gum. Flor-Opal® Varnish purportedly overcomes problems inherent to other fluoride varnishes: separation of the fluoride from the resin carrier, difficulty in delivery, and unpleasant taste. Two kits are available: a 5 pack with 7 applicator brush tips for $11.49 (retail) and $9.77 (government) and a 20 pack with 25 applicator brush tips for $39.99 (retail) and $33.99 (government). (Col Miniotis)

lubecube LubeCubeLubeCube™ by Centrix Incorporated is a slotted, disposable, foam block that contains an unfilled, light-activated, Bis-GMA/UDMA resin monomer to clean, condition and lubricate your instrument during composite resin placement. The lubricant is purportedly compatible with all light-activated and dual-cure composites and contains no alcohol or solvents. LubeCube™ reportedly reduces composite stickiness, pull-back and voids. The opaque foam keeps the resin lubricant from polymerizing. The self-adhesive back allows placement anywhere that is convenient. A box containing 72 LubeCubes™ (item #310108) is available for $35.95 (retail) and $25.17 (government) (Col Vandewalle)

monocem MonoCem self-etching, self-adhering resin cementMonoCem™, a new self-etching, self-adhering resin cement by Shofu Corporation, is indicated for the cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and posts. The paste/paste, dual-curing resin cement reportedly is easy to dispense and place with etchant, primer, bonding adhesive, and cement all combined into one product. MonoCem™ purportedly has relatively high bond strengths, excellent color stability, and easy clean-up. The MonoCem™ Kit (item number 3210) comes with two 7-gm dual syringes in two shades (bleach white and translucent), 30 mixing tips, and 4 OneGloss PS Midi Point Polishers for $198.00 (retail) and $119.00 (government). (Col Vandewalle)

optradam OptraDamIvoclar Vivadent recently introduced OptraDam™, a new anatomically-shaped rubber dam for isolation of the working field. The latex rubber dam features a patented anatomical shape with high flexibility in all directions. When OptraDam™ is used, the small inner ring is positioned in the area of the gingivobuccal fold, while the outer ring remains outside the mouth. The elastic component between the two rings embraces the lips of the patient and provides retraction due to the restoring force of the rings. The anatomical shape reportedly provides an enlarged working area for increased accessibility and visibility to both arches without the need for rubber-dam clamps. OptraDam™ Assortment Pack (item #577272) comes with 40 regular and 40 small dams and 1 box of Wedjets®, and sells for $124.00 (retail) and $53.00 (government). - (Col Vandewalle)

sealngo Delton Seal-N-Glo from Dentsply Professional is an opaque, 38% filled, syringe-delivered sealant system with fluoride. Through the use of an ultraviolet (UV) pen light, Seal-N-Glo fluoresces a blue/white color. The fluorescent glow reportedly provides clinicians with a visual reference of the sealant margins at the time of placement and offers a way to verify retention and inspect margins during patient recall appointments. The Intro Kit (item #310301) contains two 1.7-gm syringes of sealant, 20 tips, one 3-mL syringe of etchant, 1 UV illuminating light with 25 disposa-shields and sells for $65.00 (retail) and $48.00 (government). - (Col Vandewalle)

amelogenplus Amelogen Plus Composite ResinUltradent Products, Inc. recently introduced Amelogen® Plus, a new Bis-GMA-based composite resin material indicated for Class 1 – 6 restorations and direct veneers. The new composite resin is 76% filled by weight with an average particle size of 0.7 microns and reportedly possesses exceptional handling characteristics, wear resistance, strength, and polishability. Amelogen® Plus is available in 14 shades in both syringes or compules. The Complete Singles Kit comes with 140 compules (0.3 gm) in 14 shades, shade guide, etchant, PQ1® bonding agent and PermaSeal® composite sealer. It can be purchased for $299.99 (retail) and $254.99 (government) - (Col Vandewalle)

unicore UnicoreUltradent Products, Inc. recently introduced UniCore™, a glass fiber-reinforced composite post placement system. The manufacturer claims the post provides a superior bond to endodontic and restorative resins, creating a monobloc assembly which functions in harmony with the tooth. The posts are translucent, esthetic, and radiopaque. There are 4 sizes off tapered posts and each size of post comes with a matching drill. The UniCore drill can be used to create post space and purportedly can also remove fiber posts and plastic Thermafil™ carriers. Each drill is packaged with 5 posts and is color-coded for easy identification in a matching autoclavable plastic container. A starter package (item number 7120) contains all four sizes of posts and drills. It can be purchased for $299.99 (retail) and $254.99 (government). Separate refills are available for posts and drills. - (Col Miniotis)

senn SENNGC America has recently introduced SENN, a new hybrid polyether/polysiloxane impression material. SENN reportedly combines the benefits of polyether and vinyl polysiloxane impression materials. The odor-free, pleasant-tasting hybrid impression material purportedly has hydrophilic properties, high tear strength, excellent dimensional accuracy and resistance to deformation. SENN is available in two setting times (fast and regular) and four viscosities (putty, heavy body, monophase, and light body). SENN is sold in various combinations of refill packages. The 32-package kit (item numbers 00242 – 002433) comes with thirty-two 48-mL cartridges and 92 mixing tips for $625.70 (retail) and $375.45 (government). Dispenser guns may be purchased separately. - (Col Vandewalle)
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