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More access - Courtesy ROOTS

From: Bill Seddon Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2006 1:55 PM To: ROOTS Subject: [roots] More access Just showing the amount of troughing and tissue removal to get into this tiny little MB2 here. I used the EIE2 ball tip for the fine work, and wasn't in a rush to block myself out :-) First case in a long time where I have lifted out the entire necrotic pulp in one piece, sadly missed the photo of that. - Bill Seddon

Nicely documented in pictures bill. I love the progression you showed. - Gary Thanks Gary ,I'm crap at writing these things up, so just take the photos and let people work-out what went on, I just hope it helps some people. - Bill Speaking of crap, I don't yet have photo capabilities on my scope, but it didn't stop me from trying. one of these days I hope to show the sequence of peeling this stuff off the floor with proper documentation. I was pretty aggressive searching for the mb2 since the case was necrotic. finally found it but the image is useless. - Kendel

sounds like an impacted second premolar. any scope for an ortho guy? - vipin if you do not have capabilities, Kendel, how did yoyu get this picture????!!!! ;-)) - Marcos I have a 950. just took them without beam splitter or adapter. ;-) - Kendel Extremely well done. I see no crap here. - gary the photography---well, it ain't quite photography----but you know what I mean. I've come to enjoy this process (peeling open these closed chambers). Kind of like endo yoga. Hmmmmmmm. find the furcal floor, plane, explore, seek, find...... be the calcified chamber.. find the easist orifice first (insert joke here), dark furcal dentin, amber calcifications, whiter dentin ledges, then orientation just continues to improve as you work on what you have found, following colors, contours. Patience is my secret weapon. The irrigants help as well. The cycle of wetting/drying/planing. I'm sure the more experienced folks can summarize this better. - Kendel Patience is correct, I was an hour until I took a file anywhere in this tooth. Lots of irrigants and planing before, and then the rest is just so much easier. - Bill

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