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  Small mirrors and discovery burs

The opinions within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited
for the individual posts and images where they are. Photos courtesy Winfried Zeppenfeld

From: Winfried Zeppenfeld
Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2009 5:01 AM
Subject: Re: [roots] Today's Rectal Exam

It is common for me to have a hard time getting to view an orifice at the 
same time that I am placing a file. The mirror is in the way of the file due 
to the position of the rubber dam or the opposing teeth or whatever.
As I said in a separate post, I use 6X designs for vision loupes and an 
LED headlight but Iím currently researching a microscope. Iíd like to read 
about this technique for visual placement and try to implement it using my 
loupes even before I get the microscope. Whenever I have tried to use pliers 
to place instruments, Iíve run into the problem of the handle getting tangled 
in the rubber dam . Also, how does this concept apply to rotary files? 
It seems a rare instance when I can get a mirror in place along with a rotary 
handpiece. I use bite props regularly but still, the concept of
actually seeing every instrument enter every orifice sounds  very satisfying 
but seems unattainable. Point me at some reading materials or elaborate 
please - Scot White

Hi Scot, try small mirrors (10-14mm) and discovery burs. That will solve 
your problem. Best mirrors at lowest price are HR-Front mirrors made by Roeder 
(99% reflection, just a couple bucks, unfortunately not yet on their website)

Sorry about the German text. I just copied it from a lecture. Too tired to 
translate it now. Hope it's self explanatory! - Winfried

get a smaller mirror, 10 mm or less, will make things much easier. I never place an instrument anywhere I can't see. - Bill Thanks Winfried and Bill , smaller mirrors are on the way - Scot White

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