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Middle distal canal - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: Mark Dreyer
Sent: Friday, September 30, 2005 8:21 AM
Subject: [roots] Middle distal canal

Re-tx case started yesterday.  I did my best to talk the old fellow into ext/implant, 
but he wanted to try to save the tooth.....I guess at his age "long term prognosis" 
has a different meaning.    I find that in a lot of these cases, the more you try to 
talk down the prognosis, and the more reluctant you are to take on the case, the more 
some of these people want you to do it....pretty interesting - Mark Dreyer

How often have you found this mark, and do you think it is as most mm, more of an 
isthmus between the other two than a separate patent canal?  The only 5 bangers 
I'íve had have been those with mmís - gary

Gary, I don't find this often.  All 3 canals drained separately, so it doesn't look 
like they're connected, but I'll see him for one more visit and it's possible I'll 
find they connect once I complete the cleaning/shaping - Mark Dreyer
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