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MTA / Bleach - Courtesy ROOTS

One step MTA case . I also did 6 weeks of perbotrate with 6 weeks , bone alreads seems to be filling in..sashi nallapati

Sashi, Great case as usual. Did you use a barrier apically? If so, which one? How many times did you change the sodium perborate to get such a good result? - Vincent

Vincent,I use sodium perborate with water and most of the time two weeks gives you a good result ( with evaluation after a week) I must admit that i am not too keen on one shot MTA. I prefer placing Ca(OH)2 for a period(2-6 weeks) to stabilize the environment, then place MTA - Normand

Thanks Normand. I was changing sodium perborate every week. Are you using GI for coronal seal? Vincent

I etch the access and apply the resin prior to inserting the perborate I place the composite right on the mixture. What do you do ??- Normand

Normand, I either do that or I use Photac (Light-Cured Glass Ionomer Restorative).- Vince

I used caoh as an apical barrier.(placed it to length and then kind of dried with blunt end paper points.) perborate was with one change,,,after 4 weeks as the patient could not come after 2 weeks.- Sashi Nallapati

This might sound dumb, but the perborate for the obvious bleaching effect, or for an endodontic effect? - Gary

For bleaching only - Sashi