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bone lucencies around the midroot of #25
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From: Larry Durand
Sent: Wednesday, February 08, 2006 6:17 PM
Subject: [roots] Unusual bone lucency, diagnosis unknown.

This 69 year old white female was referred for evaluation of the bone
lucencies around the midroot of #25.  Her medical history includes
allergies, but otherwise no problems.  This area is asymptomatic and was
found on routine x-ray.

My examination revealed the periodontal cuff to be intact around these
teeth.  The pulps do not respond to ice but do respond nicely to low
levels on my electric pulp tester.

I don't think the lucent areas are of pulpal origin.  But I am at a loss
to say what they might be.  They don't fit the normal appearance of
nutrient canals or PA cemental dysplasia.

Diagnosis and treatment plan, what say you? - Larry

Unusual bone lucency

Unusual bone lucency

i will suspect of an orthodontic treatment - Miguel Which teeth respond to ice? Do you have the spray cold stuff called endofrost in the USA? Very good for thermal testing with a cotton pledget on each tooth. What about heat testing with GP? - Stephen Day STEVE ;TO CK VITALITY OR LACK OF IT USE PARKELL PULP VITALITY TESTER!!!!!! IT WORKS !!!!! - J ROSS DDS. Hello Steve. As is often the case in patients over age 60, none of the lower incisors respond to water ice. All of the lower incisors responed very nicely to low levels from my electric pulp tester. In addition the location and pattern of the lucency does not fit the usual seen with a pulpal etiology. My bet is that if the tooth was opened I would find a vital pulp - Larry

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