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Lower premolar : Cold lateral - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: "kristina otaite"
Sent: Monday, April 06, 2009 10:11 PM
Subject: [roots] lower premolar

45yo woman , tooth no 35
pulpitis - one root canal divides into 2 canals in apical third
irigation - Naocl, citric acid
filling - guttapercha, cold lateral condensation
almost all procedure with a scope ;)  - Kristina Otaite

Kristina, wonderful case and beautiful placement on the Ankylos implants. Please send us some picures of the case when you have it restore - Jose very nice, especially for cold lateral. Could you expand on your precise obturation technique? I still think there is value in cold lateral for a lot of practitioners - Bill Nothing special. Working with microscope it is possible to control where goes accesory points (to which opening). After filling of first canal cut the points deeper, check second canal, cleen again if neccesary, and fill the second. Some of my teachers tought me to leave spreader or paper point in one canal and fill another. I tried this method but it is more difficult to see and manipulate - Kristina, sorry for bad english Really nice, Kristina. I see a lot of these down here in the Swamp. I wonder if there might be a genetic link with American Indian/Native American heritage being so strong. Is there a genetic linkage to bifurcating bicuspids? - Guy W. Moorman Hello ,Kritina , Well done, what rotatory files did you use? Thank you, for sharing your work with us. - Georgette Guy, I'm living and practising in Lithuania. A lot of my patients had bifurcating lower premolars but not as deep like in this case. Genetic link? May be... I remember from lectures in dental school that more often this type of canals we can find in pacients from South Europe (Greece, Italy, Armenia...). But it is not a rule - Kristina, Best regards from Vilnius, Lithuania
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