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Tremendous loss of tooth structure - Courtesy ROOTS

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for the individual posts where they are -
From: Rajiv Patel
Sent: Sunday, August 30, 2009 6:58 AM
Subject: [roots] Re-treatment works but..

Re-treatment works.....but still no new crown))):

How long will this last?  Radiographic Healing in progress - atleast in the short term?

Tremendous loss of tooth structure as evident on the radiographs and the distal margin
resting on filling material.

Patient intended to save tooth and was reminded at obturation /BU appointment to get a 
new crown ASAP.

Was this poor case selection.....should have replaced the metallic carriers with 
Tincture of TITANIUM. How much control do we really have over the endodontic destiny 
of these cases? - Rajiv Patel

Very impressive healing Rajiv - Simon Bender

Thanks Simon. My patient rocks! - Rajiv

So someone found the MB2 in the first molar and filled it with metal carriers? 
I recently did a retreat and had to remove a plastic carrier from the MB2---usually 
the carrier based obturation cases I see appear to have been done rather hurriedly, 
so the MB2's are not addressed. Nice result Rajiv! - Kendel

Thanks Kendel. What was the potential cause for re-treat in your case in spite of 
having the MB2? I think somewhere down the line... we all focus too much on 'white lines"

And go figure in my patient's case - the first molar seems to working allright so far.....(:

We are fortunate that most of our patient's are healthy and can co-exist in some 
sort of equilibrium - host vs micro-organisms. Just more things to think of ....ha? - Rajiv

If I remember correctly it was like most of my retreatment cases------a restorative 
deficiency labeled as a "failing root canal" - Kendel
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