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Finding MB2 and MB3 : isthmus - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: Sergiu Nicola
Sent: Friday, September 11, 2009 3:35 PM
Subject: Re: [roots] Where to look for an mb2

finding mb2 and mb3:) well, I like to search the entire 
istmus, check this surprise i had today - Sergiu

Nice Sergiu. As the late great Dave R said the last time I heard him lecture, when speaking of a situation like yours, "I'm not a canal counter, so I just trough away the isthmus to create one canal" I thought that was pretty funny - Mark Dave R is so right. is more than right. I bet that every rooter has the highest failure percentage on mesial roots (upper or lower molars) And this is becous those damn isthmuses. Yes, some times we manage to dig holes , we use to call them middle mesials, mb2s mb3s, p2 and we feel joyfull about that and we publish our "nice cool extra anatomy case" on roots but even if we would dig holes on a daily basis as mb2 mb3 mm, would that be enough to desinfect the entire root canal system? I bet it is not enoughm it will never be enough. But that's life. Nothing is 100% predictible - Sergiu sergiu , the blue composite provides nice contract for pics, and nice documentation as usual, what was the preparation size in all and is the case packed yet, would like to see the radigraph post obturation - gurpreet

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