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 Protaper flaring, Lightspeed apical preparation
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for the individual posts where they are. -
From: dan
Sent: Monday, October 31, 2005 6:50 AM
Subject: [roots] Last five cases in a row

As previously stated, these cases were all done with bent 10-25 ss k-files, 
exploration to length using M-4 handpiece where appropriate, Protaper flaring, 
Lightspeed apical prep.  Irrigated with NaOCl/EtOH and
Liquid EDTA and packed with calcium hydroxide/Chlorhexidine.

Then re-cleaned and irrigated with NaOCl/EtOH, Smear Clear, and Chlorhexidine. 
Obturated with Resilon Simplifill and Epiphany sealer, and backfilled with 
pacmac/resilon cone and Epiphany sealer.

Do you think we need to do a final irrigation with Chlorhexidine on vital cases? 
Or on the first appointment with either vital or non-vital cases? - DanS

I like them all Danimal but I think the 4th one looks a little short on both canals. I will say this that you get better deep shape than most with LS and I like the puffs......dont know if Fred will!! Very well done.......... Glenn Nice work as always, Dan I've wondered about CHX in vital cases myself ...... it's probably superfluous. However, I would have thought that the first appointment in necrotic cases was THE indication. In fact, my interappointment canal dressings are a combo of 2% CHX and Ca(OH)2 - Simon Simon, I mix my Ca(OH)2 with CHX also, but then I do a separate rinse at the second appointment right before filling. Do you think I should do that rinse in the first appointment prior to placing my Ca(OH)2/CHX paste? - DanS Dan, my protocol at the irrigation stage (time spent after shaping dedicated solely to cycles of washing and ulrasonication) is: after I've finished with the bleach + ethanol I flush with EDTA and THEN the 2% CHX goes in, and that gets U/S agitation as well. Finally I simply inject the white stuff (Ultra-Cal) into the canals 'over' the CHX, so it's 'mixed' in the canal. I don't routinely wash with CHX at the fill stage although I guess it's not a bad idea! - Simon Dan, what are we going to do if Resilon turns out to be the junk Terry and others claim it to be? - Guy Looks pretty good at two years, time will tell - DanS

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