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  Long 2nd premolar

The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited
for the individual posts where they are. - Photos courtesy of Ahmad
From: Ahmad Tehrani
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 8:04 PM
Subject: [roots] Long 2nd premolar

Pt was told to restore the distal caries on #13.
He forgets, didn't have time, wasn't hurting, got busy........
Carious pulp exposure. started endo, 27mm canals...handfiles and SX protaper 
for coronal enlargement.
Alloy/amalgambond buildup.....No crown for this one - Ahmad

second pre molar 
second pre molar
second pre molar
second pre molar
second pre molar Stupid question really from a former disciple of Harold Shavell.who used to shoe cusps with amalgam.. has anyone had any experience at all with doing just that with Amalgambond and really detailed anatomic carving and finishing of the amalgam restoration.just curious.. Kendo I have seen it done in my older patient population. and those were probably restored with copalite and not amalgambond..... However, if the cusps are intact and there is sufficient tooth structure, why cut it down to cover it with alloy? - Ahmad PS. I tried to get him in to polish and carve some anatomy in the alloy... he'll probably call back when the caries in #15 reach the pulp...)) - Nice job always great attention to detail with the dam and the documentation. Thanks for sharing - Glenn CLAP CLAP CLAP
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