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In Vivo Mesial View - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: Doug Rakich
Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 6:00 AM
Subject: [roots] In Vivo Mesial View

This 53 year old healthy patient presented with irreversible pulpitis / 
normal bone on this tooth # 32 due to a leaking superficial fracture on the DMR. 
The interesting thing about this tooth was that it was rotated
nearly 90 degrees, judging by the road map on the pulpal floor. 
Hence radiographically it provided the elusive mesial view from the buccal.

Note the curve on the ML canal, if I was correct in my anatomical diagnosis. 
This curve is usually invisible from the standard buccal view. Is it any wonder 
that so many instruments, and hearts, get broken in cases like this? 
Ever seeking Satori,   DougR

This is worth a year study internal anatomy. Beautiful case. - Carlos Murgel Very nice Doug! - Randy Hedrick As Carlos mentioned , a really beautiful result Doug. - Glenn Looks like a week of great curves on Roots....................fantastic job Dough. Was it a 3Mesial+1 Distal .or was there a 2nd Distal too? - Sachin Thanks for the kind words; sorry for the tardy reply: it was two mesial, two distal. - DougR

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