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Internal resorption
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From: Marga Ree
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 1:23 AM
Subject: [roots] Surgery on a Hell's Angel

This patient was huge, and I mean huge....:-)) His only concern was to
loose his gold tooth, if it were for him, he would have capped all his
upper and lower teeth with gold cool.......;-)))...but
his wife didn't allow him, she would getting a divorce if he was going
to have more teeth capped with gold

There was an internal resorption present, and because I anticipated
surgery AND couldn't figure out whether there was a perforation,
I filled the resoption defect with MTA. The sinus tract never went
away, so I decided to take out the knife.

In addition to his gold teeth, he had some interesting tattoos,
unfortunately, I haven't got any pictures of those... Marga

I find these cases to be low-prognosis cases and treatment plan (although not necessarily treat) this case type for a pack and whack straight out of the blocks - John A Khademy Here's fuel for the fire ... (and just for fun) ... Are 'we' packing and whacking straight out of the blocks on the basis that the patient is a big fat Hells Angel with not just 'low-prognosis' but low expectations? I prefer to do the best that is possible in the given situation - never mind the shape of the patient on the other end of the tooth - he's still paying the bill. I was taught very early on that if I treated anybody differently from my wife (or sister or mother) there was was something fundamentally wrong with my ethical system. Or have I misunderstood the thread? - Simon Bender I also place a light DFDBA graft to avoid getting a periapical scar. More fuel on the fire... ;-)) What is DFDBA ? - Ivan Demineralized Freeze Dried Bone Allograft... I think...I'll comp you some in Vegas... You’ve been listening to becker too long. Although I agree this particular material is not my material of choice. - gary Prevents scarring by delaying soft tissue ingrowth especially in a through and through defect case. So they say... I think it works for this purpose... John John, This is a controversial matter, and I didn't do it here. Sometimes I use calcium sulphate for that purpose, but that's controversial as well. Some say it works, some say there is no benefit Well, what is not controversial in endo....., that is why we love to debate.....:-)) - Marga Marga, Wouldn't it be great if our literature provided even the smallest bit of guidance? We don't even know if occlusal reduction after endo is of benefit. How are we going to study more subtle and complicated things? I study these things in my practice. I have a very healthy recall schedule, and my failing cases pretty much end up back in my lap. I don't have a Marga or Carr around to occultly bail me out ;-)))

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