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CT guided implant syrgery - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: "Mohammed Saleh" 
Sent: Tuesday, September 08, 2009 7:22 PM
Subject: [implants] CT guided implant syrgery

This is my seventh CT guided implant syrgery 
- Dr Mohammed Saleh, Amman - Jordan

very impressive pics sir. congrats on the success of the surgery - Saranya KPG Looks like you've gotten pretty good at it mohammed. Those are absolutely parallel - gary Thanks Gary, thses implants were inserted using my own implant guiding system SOLIDGUDE - Mohammed Saleh Solid models site is still under construction. and yep gary they are all parallel . this surgery took 85 minutes only from its start to the end all lengths are 13 mm and diameters are 3.75,4.5 and one implant of 3.3 mm - Dr Mohammed Saleh Is this a commercially available entity. I am a major proponent of ct guided surgery, use it extensively, but I've not heard of your system before this - gary I'd like to know more as well. Will the website be up soon? Do you have distributors in the US? - Mark Jackson

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