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Indian dentistry on a fast track...
massive growth of profession attracting global attention

The first dental school in India was inaugurated in 1924. Today, there are a staggering 185 dental schools with 13,000 students graduating each year. Fifty-eight schools have Post Graduate Courses in various fields of dentistry, Qualitative dental education and practice is regulated by the Dental Council of India, which is constituted under an Act of Parliament. Tremendous opportunities exist for foreign universities and dental schools for accreditation courses, visiting faculty members, and participation in Continuing Education Programmes.

There exists a highly energetic community of 80,000 dentists, offering world-class standards while serving an astonishing one billion population. The dentist population ratio of 1:300,000 in the 1960s stands at 1:22,000 today, demonstrating the vitality of the profession. Like anywhere else in the world , urban bias exists in India. Government hospitals and establishments treat 25% to 30% of the population for their dental ailments, while the remainder seek treatment thorough private clinics

An Independent Army dental corps came into existence in 1941 as the "Indian Army Dental Forces", granting commissions to seven civilian dental surgeons as Indian dental officers. The Army Dental corps today stands as a formidable force deployed in peacetime throughout all three wings of the Defence Services. The Corps has successfully developed an indigenous dental implant system in collaboration with the Defense Research & Development Organization. The Army Dental Corps has prestigious establishments in India for advance treatment, training and research for dental officers and paradental staff.

Dental equipment and materials used by the profession are provided by both indigenous and international companies. A favourable import duty structure has boosted global trading and created opportunites for international dental manufacturers to establish joint ventures, tapping into the enormous market potential of this liberalized vibrant economy

The 92nd FDI Wold Dental Congress at New Delhi is the perfect event through which to expose the untapped potential of the Indian dental profession and market to the rest of the world.

The Indian Dental Association, with its strong gloabal affiliations, focuses on supporting dentists and dental students while working to improve dentistry in India

Source: FDI Worldental daily, Advance issue, Sep 2004

Market Overview
Estimated Market growth
Total implants placed (Estimate)
Dentists involved in Implants
Total no of dentists
Dental Colleges
Dentist population ratio
80% of dentists work in major cities More than 70% people live in villages More than 10000 dental clinics Consumption of tobacco in various forms is on rise Decayed ,missing, filled teeth (DMFT) score is 2.4 (15year old) and 5.4 in the age group of 35-40 years 99% of dental material and equipment are imported Awareness about dental care is increasing and trend of implants catching up Cost of Dental filling 20-40 US$ and root canal is 100-200 US$ Major players : 3M ,Kerr, Noble Biocare,Dentsply,GC Asia Cranio Maxillo-Facial Surgery Around 1500 Oral & Maxillofacial surgeons Low awareness of the specialty in the general public Identified with the Dental profession Most of these professional attached with Govt hospitals or large private sector hospitals Around 35000 born every year with Congenital abnormalities Road traffic accidents account for 30% of maxilo facial injuries Source: Indian Market Study-Biomaterial Ashok Kaushik Finpro India 3rd April 2006

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