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Any teeth related problems?.. seek the advice of eminent dentists and make best use of this column
17th Aug 2001
Hope someone can offer some good advice. I recently went to my dentist for annual exam. Upon review of my x-rays, my dentist noted a front tooth with a huge black mark in the middle. He thought it may be internal resorbtion and sent me to an endodontist. Went to endo and he confirmed this. The tooth is capped and is part of a four tooth bridge. He said there is a 50/50 chance of saving the tooth. The alternative is to go to an oral surgeon and have the tooth extracted in which case my four tooth bridge becomes a five tooth bridge. What are the chances of the tooth being saved? The resorbtion is significant. The tooth does not bother me right now. The diagnosis was approximately six weeks ago. My appointment for root canal is this coming Tuesday. One further note, two years ago I was experiencing shooting pains in the front of my mouth. I thought it was from the tooth next to the subject tooth which had a root canal twenty years ago(reason for the bridge). Went to the dentist and the endo. They both x-rayed the area and saw nothing. Two years later - bingo! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.Christine Teevan
16th Aug 2001
There are some problem in my Motherís teeth. She has suffering from dental pain from a one month, along with her ear closeness. Some day before she was removal her teeth through dentist but ear closeness is not going on. She believes that there are connection between dental pain and ear closeness (left ear).Please give me some advice in this case Manoj garg, Kiratpur,(bijnor) U.P.Manoj Garg
I am a humble person and faced the dental trauma(according to doctors openion) and in this referance I want a final opinion. On 12th June 2001 I faced a small accident and because of that accident my teath 21 (in the doctors language) get effected, first one have crack and another one also effected. I feels pain whenever I consume water or any hot thing although there is not much pain (negligible) in those tooths. Doctors are suggesting for RCT on one tooth and extraction for other one. I am requesting you to tell me that "is there any possibility that without RCT and extraction my tooth get alive again, because I belive when brain surgery can be done than tooth can't be exception". Please give me opinion that,
1. is there any treatment available to get the tooths alive if there is dental trauma,
2. is RCT 100% successful,
3. if first possibility is available than from where in INDIA (if possible in Delhi) in least cost.
Subodh Gautam