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Fun with matrixing - Courtesy ROOTS
From: John A Khademi, DDS MS
Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2005 6:38 AM
Subject: [roots] Fun with matrixing

Case 1: Nec/AAP. Pic 2--take your choice of MB, MB2, MB3, MB4. I went for MB, MB2 and MB4 and MB3 got swallowed up. Now for the interesting part. The marked mesial concavity. I don't know how others do this, but I placed a wedge vertically to shut the concave area. You can see the concavity in pic5. Case 2: Same problem on a bicuspid. Used the DG-19 vertically as a wedge, placed flowable in the box and a few more increments, then removed the DG16 and carefully built out the contact. This one snaps floss. - John A Khademy

John A Khademy

John A Khademy

Ever try the “cavit matrix”? as taught to me by Danimal the endo animal????.... J Cavit or Munce’s dycal/cavit mixture has been the most predicatable mechanism for me………..i hate matrix bands!!!!!

As well, there is a great film put together on the AMED sight by Jeff on the use of cotton pellets……………not a universal solution but one for the tool box - Craig

Yep Yep. Tried both, and they have their place in the old tool box.
Normally, I cheat, and don't worry about contact or contour, as I break the contacts and put in margins on many (most) of these cases. But these two were not getting their crown right away, so I needed a little better contour and contact.
For and endodontist doing buildups, the matrixing needs are different, as the tooth will almost always get a crown. Therefore, the primary matrixing objective is a dry field. I use ALOT of copper bands, as the leave a more parallel prep, and I can bend them to leave an OPEN contact.