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Fluorosis affecting the upper centrals

From: Abdul Parmar To: ROOTS Sent: Monday, April 20, 2009 4:31 AM Subject: [roots] Not endo related but need help dealing with fluorosis I have this pt early twenties who has a quite severe and prominent case of fluorosis affecting the upper centrals. I have already tried micro abrasion (opal lustre + tooth mousse technique) and the patient also wanted to try some whitening. Unfortunately the fluorosis is still quite visible - my question to you guys is what would you consider next? and was wanting to be as minimally invasive as possible. I have attached a pre microabrasion and whitening photo - Abdul

here in kenya we have some of the highest fluoride levels in the world and speaking of severity i will post pictures later troday of very severe fluorosis. i think direct composite venneers would also work but seeing you want minimally invasive. i suggest porcelain laminate veeneers. excellent results with minimal prep. watch out for the pics. - Hudson Hudson, I remember many many years ago when Rotary International was involved in drilling clean wells all over Africa, they found that problem in Kenya. I was on a district panel and informed them that fluoride could be scavenged out of the water. I donít guess you can do that for all wells. We have areas in the US where is approaches toxic levels Texas and Northeast Florida. Scavengers are placed on those wells - Guy yeah fluoride is pretty a big issue here and yet the govt has no specific programme to deal with it. even the local dental school doesnt seem to pay so much attention, the worst areas are nakuru district and murang'a district. the thing is so bad that people with fluorosis are asked ''are you from muran'ga?'' back to endo guy i read your posts and i think you are a great clinician. i need ideas been trying to get local lads to think endo but the resistance is a lot. i can count less than five dentists in the whole of kenya who use rubber dams. i can count the guys willing to retreat a failed endo. no single scope in the country. two guys only using loupes(and they are foreigners) the only dental school does not even own rotary files. implants are done by less than three people .... and the extractions go on. it makes me crazy. i formed this thing on facebook called kenyan dentist to try and stimulate the younger guys. so far the response is annoying. am trying and trying. what i need is not a webinar on why tf or protaper. i need a conference to start by why we should do endo. then the treatment planning then the basics. at least to get it going before we even think rotaries and well the rest. i have tried the web, i have tried personal talking am even considering running for [president of kenya dental association . and am only 26 years two years out of dental school. so as i read your great treatment plans how do we get people down here to even consider treatment. - Hudson Alumera

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