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First bicuspid : squirt - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: D. Kendel Garretson
Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 5:07 AM
Subject: [roots] max. first bicuspid

bit of a curve, the 10k file gave a good impression of this canal. - Kendel

Squirt? DougR guilty---good eye ;-) - Ken Kenny G: Nice handling of the curve. did you poke around with curved files in the buccal canal a few times to look for another POE ? - ahmad Ahmad, I do routinely attempt to slide down with bent hand files feeling for catches, but do you see something specific? I'm always paranoid of missed canals in bi's---upper and lower- Ken Nice kendel. How did you finish the curve, hand inst, combo, divine intervention? - gary combo----I used the m4 with a ten, and this gives a nice impression of the curve. then got a 15 loose to length. then I let rotaries go passively wherever they like, then back to small hand files, repeat. And none of it works without divine intervention, sometimes called dumb luck. The radius of this curve just wasn't as tight as it looks. Thanks Gary - Ken The m4 is often a godsend in these situations. I thank mark for that. - gary Great job on the curve Kendel. Could you plz through some light on the coronal restoration part plz. Oh BTW I like the name by which Ahmad calls you Kenny G................. you work smooth as Kenny G's Sax - Sachin Sachin, I was working in the office of the g.p., and had the opportunity to discuss the case with him prior to treatment. I know that he was seen immediately following my treatment but I have not seen the restorative work. I believe the g.p. did a "provisional" b.u. and crown lengthening, as he does c.l. fairly often, but I cannot tell you for sure - Kendel

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