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Test paper for dental students - Hematocrap pathology test 5

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Hematocrap pathology
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Dental terms
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Question Answer
NSAIDS are a(n) ____________ platelet inhibitor
Aspirin is a(n) ______________ platelet inhibitor
Bleeding time from aspirin use should be less than ____ minutes to be ok for Tx
How long should a patient have NOT taken aspirin prior to surgery (dental tx)?
When should you schedule a patient who is on renal dialysis (if given standard heparin)?
If a patient comes into your office drunk as piss and is yellow from hepatitis, why would you be careful in treating him?
T or F: von willenbrand disease usually reuslts in mild clinical bleeding problems
Where is Vonwillenbrand factor produced?
Hemophilia B is ______ common than Hemophilia A
What disease? AKA Christmas Disease, Deficiency of Factor IX, X-linked recessive
What is the treatment for hemophilia A?
What is the leading cause of death for hemophiliacs?
What pathway does the PTT test for?
If a patient presents with normal bleeding time and normal prothrombin time(PT), normal platelet count, and prolonged partial thromboplastin time (PTT), what disease does he have?
What disease? Defeiciency of Factor VIII, Sex-linked recessive, males, females carriers, 1:5000 males, 30% are new mutations
What percent of Factor VIII must be present (at least) to not have severe bleeding?
T or F: Hemophilia is an "all or nothing" disease that has no variance in severity.
T or F: some multiple myelomas are benign.
T or F: those with the sickle cell trait and those with the disease exhibit the same symptoms.
When bilirubin is excreted in the urine it is called _________ when it is exctreted in the feces it is called ___________.
T or F: petechiae are present in Hemophilia A
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