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Test paper for dental students - Hematocrap pathology test 3

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Hematocrap pathology
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Question Answer
T or F: there is an iron deficiency in thalassemia major.
These dental findings are for what disease? Hair on end, chipmunk face, bimaxillary protrusion, teeth spacing, rarefaction of alveolar bone, widened marrow spaces, tooth discoloration (due to excess iron)
which disease? Severe, high mortality, splenomegaly hemosiderosis, hepatomegaly, jaundice, Inc. hematopoeisis in flat bones, retarted growth, intellectual impairment, SOB (not "son of a bitch", "shortness of breath" chase), death due to heart failure
What disease? Mild symptoms, normal life expectancy, microcytic, hypocromic, (defective HbA synthesis, lower conc. Of HbA per RBC), no tx necessary
What is the regular name of 'mediterranean anemia"
Which thalassemia (alpha or beta) causes more severe anemia?
In thalassemia minor, __ of four chains is missing, in thallassemia major ___ of four genes are missing.
What disease: defect in synthesis of HbA that reduces the rate of globin chain synthesis. NO abnormal hemoglobin is produced (quantitative, not qualitative). Hypochromic, microcytic anemia results, crew-cut skull.
What happens when deletion of all alpha globin transcripts occurs?
Which thalassemia is more common, alpha or beta?
for the defective thalassemia gene, heterozygotes are thalassemai _________ and homozygotes are thal. ___________.
what disease? Genetically inherited, 200 + mutations, quantitative defect of hemoglobin, decreased production of alpha chain, deficient or absent beta chain, end result=defect in AMOUNT of globin chain synthesized
How do you treat sickle cell
What is the prognosis for sickle cell anemia?
Dental findings of this disease include: spontaneous necrosis of multiple teeth, enlarged marrow spaces, "hair on end" in x-ray, delayed tooth eruption, osteomyelitis
As a long term side effect of tx for lymphomas/leukemias, lichenoid lesions (in the mouth) suggest onset of ______________.
What complications of leukemia/lymphoma tx are there in dentistry?
Dental diagnosis of a destructive bone lesion could mean presence of ________
Dental diagnosis of intraoral boggy red soft tissue mass (Localized!!!!) could mean presence of ____________
Dental diagnosis of intraoral bleeding, fever, malaise, tiredness, boggy gumms (generalized!!!!) could mean presence of __________.
Dental diagnosis of a cervical lymphadenopathy could mean presence of __________.
Tx for this disease includes: CT chest, abdomen, pelvis; bone marrow biopsy, PET scan, Chemo/radio therapy
What is the most important in determining prognosis for hodgkins disease?
What disease? Bimodal distribution (25 & 55), Reed-Sternberg Cells (bilobed/multilobed nucleus w/ clear zones), involves a single node or chain of nodes, possible EBV related.
Which NHL can appear as an ulcer on the hard palate?
Which NHL appears to be related to EBV, associated w/ children, max. & man. Involvement, and an endemic african variant (also curable)?
Follicular, Mantle Cell, Diffuse large B-cell, Burkitt's, and Extranodal NK/T cell lymphomas are what class of lymphoma?
Which NHL is the most common and is slow-growing (indolent)?
HIV & EBV, environmental causes, gene translocations, antigenic stimulation, are supposed etiology factors for what disease?
Immunohistochemistry and Flow cytometry are methods to detect what disease?
T or F: lymph nodes are always involved in lymphomas
What are the 2 main categories of lymphomas?
When a lymphoma is spread to other organs in the body (not lymphoid tissue) what is this spread called?
T or F: All lymphomas are malignant
What disease? Old ppl (>50 yrs), cells indistinguishable from normal mature lymphocytes, slowly progressive, progonsis 7-10 yrs, chemo not indicated (NO Tx)
What disease? Contain gene called bcl-2 which counteracts programmed cell death of normal lymphocytes, immortalizes these cells and eventually achieve world domination
Tx for CML:
50% of pts w/ CML progress to an _________ phase while the other 50% progress straight to a ________ ________.
What do 90% of patients with CML have in common?
What disease? Adults, slow onset, mild anemia, hypermetabolism, fatigue, infections, splenomegaly, thrombosis, anorexia
What is the most common leukemia in a adults?
What is the most common leukemia overall?
What disease? Massive infiltration of the bone marrow with immature blasts (immune cells) with immature blasts that spill over into peripheral blood, fatigue, pallor, diffuse BOGGY gingival enlargement, peak age 50
What type of chemo is used to prepare a patient for bone marrow transplant?
Which step of chemo is to achieve a complete remission?
What are the 3 steps of chemotherapy?
T or F: with Tx, ALL never comes back
What lab findings in ALL?
Symptoms of this disease: sudden onset, fatigue, fever, bleeding, flu-like symptoms, bone pain, lymphadenopathy (generalized), splenomegaly, hepatomegaly, child age less than 5
What disease? Bimodal peaks--first in children under age 5, then in elderly; Most common malignant tumor in children under age 5; overall 20% of leukemias
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