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Test paper for dental students - Hematocrap pathology test 2

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Hematocrap pathology
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Question Answer
T or F: there is no cure for iron deficiency anemia
This syndrome is associated with dysphagia, anemia (ie iron deficiency), and increased risk of oral SCCA
T or F: dental pts w/ Iron deficiency anemia usually require treatment modifications.
In iron deficiency anemia the lab shows RBC's to be _________ and contain less ___________
This type of anemia: depletion of body iron stores, impaired hemoglobin synthesis
The oral findings of this disease are pallor of soft palate, tongue, sublingual; atrophic tongue, glossodynia (buring sensation)
What is the most common cause of anemia?
Inc. bleeding, Inc. infections and presence of a neoplastic population in bone marrow are characteristic of what disease.
The causes of this disease are: metastatic carcinomas, diseminated granulomatous diseases, lymphomas, and other rare diseases (like gaucher's)
T or F: it is necessary to use Ab prophy for those with aplastic anemia.
What is the only treatment for idiopathic aplastic anemia?
The symptoms of this anemia are uncontrollable infections (leukopenia) and a bleeding tendency (thrombocytopenia).
This type of anemia is a generalized bone marrow failure (pancytopenia) and is usually accompanied by leukopenia and thrombocytopenia.
The prognosis for idiopathic aplastic anemia compared to secondary aplastic anemia is __________.
Two types of aplastic anemia.
variation in SIZE of RBC's
This type of anemia characterized by it's shape (poikilocytosis).
This type of anemia characterized by large, normal color RBC's; could occur due to Vitamin B12, folic acid deficiency
This type of anemia characterized by small pale RBC's; could occur due to iron deficiency or thalassemaias.
This type of anemia characterized by RBC's with normal color and size; could occur due to massive blood loss.
This RBC disease is characterized by somnolence (inadequate brain O2), fatigue (inadequate O2), and paleness of skin
A reduction in Hb content in blood
decrease in all blood elements
Decrease # of leukocytes
malignant wbc's in lymph nodes or other solid organs or tissues
Malignant disease that involves wbc precursorsin bone marrow and associated w/ malignant wbc's in peripheral blood.
What is a common symptom in all of the following: URTI, infectious MONO (hopefully paul doesn't have this, cuz I heard you get it from kissing lots of hot babes), AIDS, cat-scratch disease, TB, metastatic cancers
Leukocytosis is often accompanied by ___________, a lymph node enlargement.
What type of leukocytosis occurs in rxn to vial infections & chronic infections (tb), and some autoimmune disorders
what type of leukocytosis occurs in reaction to allergies (hay fever, asthma) and skin disieases or parasitic infections
what type of leukocytosis occurs in reaction to an acute bacterial infection?
An increase in WBC's above 10,000 per mL is what?
What types of WBC disorders are there? (4)
A patient with neutropenia has a high risk of __________ infection, while a patient with lymphopenia has a high risk of _________________ infections
causes of ________ include: drugs (cancer tx), radiation, aplastic anemia cyclic neutropenia, metastatic dx to bone marrow
What types of luekopenia are there?
what disease? Non-neoplastic, high altitude causes it, anoxia, inc. erythropoeitin, compensatory increase in rbc
How do you treat polycythemia?
what disease? Hypertension, increased hemoglobin, elevated hematocrit, red complexion, headaches, splenomegaly, increase incidence towards clotting
What is another name for polycythemia?
what disease is worldwide, the most common cause of hemolytic anemia?
what disease? Abs recognize self-antigens on rbc's, unknown cause
what disease? Drugs attach to rbc surface, act as hapten, produciton of antibodies, rbc hemolysis
what disease? Maternal abs cross placenta into fetal circulation, rh incompatibilities
Immune hemolytic anemias can be caused by what 2 types of antigens?
Anemia due to blood loss will be ______chromic and _______cytic.
What are the diseases associated with decreased hematopoeisis?
What are the diseases associated with Abnormal hematopoiesis?
what disease: splenomegaly, jaundice, anemia, increased fragiligy of RBCs in hypotonic solution, gene mutation in structural membrane proteins (ankrin or spectrin).
What is the most common inherited disease of RBC's in caucasians?
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